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Help Save Alabama-Huntsville Hockey

Lost among NCAA men's ice hockey latest conference reshuffling is the Alabama-Huntsville Chargers hockey program, which remains in limbo after College Hockey America folded after the 2009-10 season. While it doesn't appear likely that UAH will find a conference home in the near future, Division I-A's lone independent looks to be in danger of being dropped as a varsity sport.

"Alabama-Huntsville, currently college hockey's only Division I independent program, is in imminent danger of being dropped as a varsity sport, unless $500,000 per year can be raised, according to alumni.

The university has not indicated as such, but word has gotten out through alumni that have met with UAH officials."

Obviously any sort of contraction at the Division I-A level is bad for the sport of college hockey, even the lone Division I-A college hockey program located south of the Mason Dixon line. 

So what can we as BC hockey fans do to help? You can start by reading the Huntsville Times' Mark McCarter open letter to UAH Interim President Malcolm Portera, which outlines reasons for keeping the Chargers program at the Division I-A level. Also consider signing an online petition which is also going around for college hockey fans that want to do whatever they can to help. If you are feeling particularly generous, a fundraising effort is underway aiming to raise enough funds to give the UAH administration time to create a longer-term plan.