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2011 Blogpoll: Preliminary Week 2 Ballot

Here is our week 2 BlogPoll Top 25 ballot. The biggest movers on the week include North Carolina (up 8), Ohio State (up 7), Boise State (up 5) and Penn State (up 5). Oregon and Georgia, both down 11, were among the week's biggest losers, though I applaud both the Ducks and Bulldogs for the scheduling cajones not scheduling a creampuff in week 1.

Teams encouraging the most disagreement between ballots include South Florida (10.61), West Virginia (7.78), Georgia (7.07), Texas (7.07), Oregon (5.66) and USC (5.66). We'll leave it to you to guess which one of us is bullish and bearish on each of those respective teams.

This week's dropouts -- TCU Horned Frogs, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Missouri Tigers and Auburn Tigers -- are replaced by Iowa, Mississippi State, South Florida and Arizona State. Maybe next week: Baylor, Houston, BYU and Central Florida, though I sincerely hope not.

By conference: 6 SEC, 5 Big 12, 4 B1G Ten, 4 Pac-12, 3 ACC, 2 Big East (wait, what?), 1 WAC

Thoughts / comments, let's hear 'em.