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Boston College Vs UCF: The Tale Of The Tape

Boston College   UCF
ACC Conference Conf. USA
24 Strength of schedule 95
40 Letterman returning 33
17 Starters returning 11
46 Offensive-line starts 86
24 Quarterback starts 14
97 Yards/carry (sacks removed) 73
1 Def. yards/carry (sacks removed) 16
0.600 Against the spread at home (last 5 years) 0.357
0.480 Against the spread on road (last 5 years) 0.429


These numbers are courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. I adjusted a few numbers on both sides that made no sense. It is a fun little game to play. Try it out.

Strength of Schedule: One team plays in the ACC with an out of schedule conference that includes Notre Dame, Northwestern and the Seminole-Knights. The other plays in Conference USA against teams like Memphis, UTEP and UAB. Not a very surprising distinction there.

Lettermen Returning: Roughly the same if you take away Montel Harris, Momah, Dominick LeGrande and Okoroha who were most likely put into the equation.

Starters Returning: Even with the turnover on the offensive and defensive line, BC has a lot coming back. But so do the Gator-Knights

Offensive Line Starts: The Hurricane-Knights have a sizable advantage here, which isn't new to anyone who watched BC's line cave in around itself multiple times against Northwestern. Why did that happen? I'm guessing inexperience would be one of the top reasons.

Quarterback Starts: A misleading stat because Uncle Dave Shinskie constitutes all but 10 of the starts. Jeff Godfrey has 15 starts to Chase Rettig's 10.

Against the Spread: BC obviously has the advantage here, especially since UCF was just terrible two years ago. Again a misleading stat, since Bull-Knights were 10-3 against the spread last year.