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UCF Fans Urged To Wear Red Bandannas For Game Against Eagles

If you had a chance yesterday ESPN's Outside the Lines aired the story of Class of '99 alumni Welles Crowther. Crowther was a BC lacrosse player who lost his life on 9/11 after saving a dozen lives in the World Trade Center. It was a very well done, heart breaking story and well worth the watch if you haven't seen it yet. Keep a box of tissues handy, it's a tear jerker. (Watch it here).

It was hard not to be moved by the heroism of Crowther, and it seems like the fans down at UCF are responding as well.

UCF fans have launched a Facebook event page and spread the word via Twitter urging their peers to wear red bandanas during the Knights' big home game against Boston College on Saturday, Sept. 10. Less than 24 hours after the Facebook event page was created, 1,096 people pledged to participate and wear red bandannas to the game.

Classy gesture by the fans down there, I just checked the Facebook page and it already up to 1,600 people. Just kind of shows how football can bring people together and is a great symbol for all of us who lost family and friends on 9/11. It would be quite the scene if a majority of UCF fans followed suit on national television. Be quite a moving scene to see all those red bandannas during the national anthem.  Hat tip to the Knights and their fans.

For new BC students and those who don't know there is another way to continue the legacy of Crowther. Each year the Boston College Volunteer & Service Learning Center holds the Red Bandanna 5K Run. I will be running it this year, and am thinking of getting a BCI team together to run it together. It would be a great way for us to give back to a cause close to the hearts of many, and we can all meet up after the race for the party held at Lyons Hall.

Information on the race can be found here.

Anyone interested in running with me?