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Final Pregame Thoughts: Wake Forest Game

With little less than 24 hours remaining until kickoff, it's time to take one final look at the matchup with Wake Forest. Personally, I am very worried about this game. BC doesn't matchup well with the Demon Deacon strengths and our coaching hasn't done anything to inspire confidence in their ability to adapt when strategies aren't working. But then again with the return of Montel Harris we saw the offense finally opening up with big games from Chase Rettig and Colin Larmond Jr. Could that success translate against an ACC team?

How are you all feeling about this game? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below

Big Question Marks

Boston College's pass defense against Wake Forest. This scares me to death. Tanner Price has played in three games this year and has thrown for 289, 297, and 291 yards respectively this season. Meanwhile, Boston College has held three opponents to less than 200 yards (minus Duke), but has allowed a staggering 77 percent completion rate against FBS teams this year.

The "give the WR's a cushion" strategy is clearly not working. BC has got to get more bumping at the line or Price is going to tear them apart. I remember going to BC Media Day and a reporter asked Spaz if he was upset about his passing defense from 2010, and he said "Just look at the final stats ... our defense did what it was supposed to do ... we kept them out of the end zone." Well that excuse holds no weight this year. Good QBs are tearing apart this defense. Fix it, Spaz.  

Other Lingering Questions

Will the real Wake Forest defense please stand up? Wake Forest has the 18th ranked defense in the entire country, which is pretty impressive since they were 100th in the country at the end of the 2010 season. Are we witnessing a miraculous coaching job by Jim Grobe or are the numbers deceiving? As Blogger So Dear mentioned, if you take out the Gardner-Webb game the Deacons would drop down to 45th. Even though Wake Forest beat N.C. State, Sean Glennon was able to throw for 315 yards and 3 TD's.

What will the BC offense be able to accomplish tomorrow? 

Gametime Song:

Rick Ross - Push It. I think all BC fans can easily say Frank Spaziani's game plan has pushed our patience to the limit. And if the Eagles continue to lose, can we force Spaz to get a beard and sunglasses like Rick Ross. At least that would give us all a chuckle for the rest of the season. 

Today's reading from the Spaz Firematic 3000: 8. On a scale of 1 (love him, let's give him a lifetime extension) to 10 (let's drive him out of Chestnut Hill with pitchforks and torches). Spaz earned a little bit of good will by winning a game he had no business losing last weekend. Not really a reason to celebrate, but a win none the less. Just having the ability to say the Eagles are no longer winless is enough to calm down my boiling hatred of Spaz to a manageable level. Lose to Wake Forest and this will probably stick at 10 for the remainder of the season. God he makes me want to drink. 

A.J's Lock Solid Prediction: BC 28, Wake Forest 24

I have a feeling this is going to be a close game, with lots of frustrating plays especially on the BC end on defense. But in the end I think BC will expose the Wake Forest defense, and Montel Harris will hit pay dirt not once but twice.  Note: AJ's locks are not legally binding. In most cases he is wrong on just about everything just look at his preseason predictions. Yikes 

Superfan Thermometer : How are you all feeling about this weekend's game against Wake Forest? Feeling nervous and apprehensive like I am? Strangely confident? Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments. Go Eagles!