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Scouting Boston College's Opponents: Week 4

Making the rounds, checking in on how our 2011 opponents fared in week 4.

Wake Forest was off this past week as they prepare to travel to Chestnut Hill this weekend to take on the Eagles.

Clemson got a big, big victory over Florida State on Saturday to take an early lead in the ACC Atlantic Division standings. The Tigers' offense is humming along under first year OC Chad Morris.

"Rarely do we get a chance at Clemson to heap tons of praise on a football coach because we screw up so much, but Chad Morris is the real deal. Tajh's decision-making, aside from the bonehead INT, was outstanding. He missed a few again today, one being Dwayne Allen on the wheel route wide open in the 4th, and he throws a few bullets high, but his decision making and execution of the offense has steadily improved each week. He's much smarter with the football than he was in the Spring and even the Troy game. He carved up the Seminole defense all day long."

Even with the win, Clemson's Tajh Boyd takes the early season lead for the Most ACC Play of the Year award.

Meanwhile, Florida State is reeling after a second loss in as many weeks. Tomahawk Nation points to the defensive effort as the reason for the loss.

"But again, FSU's defense could not get off the field on third down, which allowed Clemson's offense to stay on the field and run thirty more plays than the FSU offense. Clemson finished 9-16 on third downs, including an incredible five first downs earned via penalty.

In a game in which FSU needed its defense to win the game for it, it just didn't happen. Certainly, Tajh Boyd deserves a lot of credit for making some excellent throws into tight coverage. But FSU's defense was expected to play better than this and it did not happen. 460 yards and 37 minutes of possession allowed just won't get it done."

Virginia Tech wrapped up its cupcake-y non-conference schedule with a 30-10 win at Marshall. The Hokies offense rolled up 444 total yards, including 215 on the ground for an average of 5.2 a rush.

Maryland was waxed at home by Temple, 38-7. The Terps scored their only points on the day in the game's final minutes. Testudo Times reports that the Terrapins were Shell Shocked. Here are the helmet stickers and general observations. Despite Maryland's lackluster performance against Temple, don't think for a minute that BC will have their way with the Terps down in College Park at the end of next month. Certainly not with Danny O'Brien still under center.

N.C. State was embarrassed on national TV by a 'meh' Cincinnati team 44-14. Backing The Pack doesn't know where to go from here.

"So--and this is the part where I toss in the heavy sigh--I don't know where they go from here. Two more defensive tackles got banged up in the first half; AJ Ferguson left but returned, while Brian Slay got rolled up and may be out of action for a while. Even with the theoretical return of Rieskamp and Sweezy on October 1, there's the depth issue. It's feeling a lot like 2009 all over again and I don't know that there's a way out."

Notre Dame survived at Pittsburgh, winning 15-12. One Foot Down called the win gritty; I call it winning ugly.

"With that said, I think it was obvious (as Urban Meyer repeatedly mentioned) that Notre Dame was by far the more talented team. And since the Irish were more talented, and not in the first year of a new system like Pitt, there's not a lot to be happy about with a 3-point, come-from-behind victory."

Finally, Miami gave the ACC another bad non-conference loss when they lost at home to the Kansas St. Wildcats. Miami, a two touchdown favorite in the game, lost 28-24. The Wildcats were 4-for-4 on trips to the red zone, while Miami scored just one touchdown in their two trips to the red zone.