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Conference Realignment: The ACC Is In No Rush To Take UConn

It isn't news that the University of Connecticut wants to get into the ACC badly. Like rats on a sinking ship they are bailing out of the eroding Big East as fast as possible. But Connecticut governor Daniel Malloy doesn't believe that the ACC is in any rush to accept the Huskies into the conference. 

"I think there was expectancy built up initially that this was quickly going to be resolved," he said. "That's clearly not the case. The ACC has the first decision to make and that's whether they're going to stay at 14 teams or stay at 16. I know that there's one team, one school that they would like to get into the ACC that would guarantee them going to 16 teams and that's been speculated to be Notre Dame. I suspect that that's true. I don't know how likely that is to happen or not happen. Although, I tend to think it's not terribly likely."

So the ACC isn't in a rush to accept UConn, that's not a big surprise. Does Malloy honestly think the ACC would rush to get UConn instead of a school like Notre Dame? If that's the case, Connecticut residents need to reconsider their votes next election because Malloy is clueless, even for a BC alum.

UConn has a great men and women's basketball team, but offers little else. They certainly don't bring in the TV market and fan base that Notre Dame brings with them. If the ACC wants to seriously expand its football presence, there are far better options that a program that has been playing I-A football for less than 15 season.

It makes absolutely no sense for the ACC to rush in and grab a team like UConn. Could the Huskies make sense down the road? Sure. But at this juncture it would make little sense for the ACC to swarm in and take them, especially with a whole bunch of conference dominos expected to fall. Malloy is right, the ACC is taking their time and waiting, just as they should be. 

How are Big East fans taking this news? Our pal Mengus22 over at Big East Coast Bias is done with UConn. He wants them out and has started a #BootUconn Twitter hashtag. UConn without a conference? That would be just too perfect.