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Boston College Hockey Ranked #5 In Preseason Poll

Time to take a break from complaining about Boston College football, and endless speculation in conference realignment. It's time to talk college hockey! Rankings were released today, and of course your BC Eagles are near the top of the poll

First let's get the bad news out of the way. Notre Dame gets the honor of being ranked #1 in the preseason poll. The currently conference-less Fighting Irish earned 11 first place votes, followed by Miami of Ohio who came in second with 12 first place votes (but less total points total). North Dakota finished at #3 and Denver at #4.

Now the good news. Boston College came in ranked #5 in the country, finishing with two first place votes. Does BC and Jerry York in particular get some of that name recognition love that the media gives Notre Dame and Penn State in football polls? Whatever the reason is, seeing BC ranked in the Top 10 is exciting, especially with the low expectations for the very young BC basketball team and the plummeting football season. Lots of questions about this team, but never doubt this team.

The top ten is rounded off by Michigan (#6), BC-slaying Colorado College (#7), defending champions Minnesota Duluth (#8), Yale (#9) and that other school on Commonwealth Ave. (#10).  Other rankings of note include UNH (#12) and Maine (#16). And for some reason UMass, Northeastern and Providence College (??) got votes as well. Remind your favorite hockey voters, it's never safe to drink and vote. 

In the USA Today poll also released today, Miami ranked first, with Notre Dame second, North Dakota (#3), Denver (#4), BC (#5) and that other college on Commonwealth Ave. (#6)

BC Hockey opens in 10 days. Time to get excited.