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Boston College Vs. UMass And The Big Finish

Jeff: Today, BC hosts UMass looking for victory #1 on the season.  Clearly, at 0-3, this is not where this program wanted to be heading into this game. Is there any way that we watch the team tomorrow and feel good about things going forward? Or, no matter what happens, will we be hoping for a win at home against Wake Forest and then just looking to not get embarrassed the rest of the season as the schedule toughens?

Brian: There's no way to spin this game as a positive. This game is an absolute must win against the Minutemen. Lose this game and the season is lost for all intents and purposes. Win and, well, BC was supposed to win. I'm not sure we'll be able to feel good following tomorrow's game even with a win.

I think the key to the game is to get the W, stay healthy and get some players back next week against Wake Forest. The problem is one of motivation. We have players who sound a bit defeatist at this point and morale cannot be high with this team right now.

Contrast that with UMass, who is basically playing in this year's Super Bowl.

"They are struggling, but they are BC,'' said Thellen. "They're a good team and they'll come out ready to play. It should be a great game.

"It would be pretty big to beat them. We're the two teams in Massachusetts kind of fighting for who is the biggest team in the state. You always go in expecting to win, no matter what. Moving up to the MAC, this would be a big statement if we win that game.''

This will be the last game UMass will play against a Division I-A opponent before they go on the road to start next season against UConn at the Rent in the Minutemen's first game as a I-A program. UMass will be extra motivated to make a statement tomorrow against BC. Will the Eagles show up to play? Or will UMass pull off the upset, sending an already reeling Eagles' program to 0-4?


Big Finish

Brian: If I would have told you at the start of the season that three games in the Eagles would rank 100+ in both total offense and total defense, what would have been your reaction?

Jeff: Here we go again. But I still would not have expected 0-3.


Jeff: Any chance, with a loss, Spaz is out of a job come Monday?

Brian: Highly doubt it. Chances seem slim, but I guess you never know.


Brian: If both Pitt and Syracuse are forced to play in the Big East another two years, what sort of opposing fan reaction will both programs receive on the road?

Jeff: UConn, Rutgers, Georgetown, Villanova, etc., are not going to be kind environments for their athletes.


Jeff: N.C. State looked terrible on Thursday night and we play them at home so do you feel better about BC getting three or four wins this season?

Brian: I'll get back to you after we notch our first win.


Brian: BC and UMass played annually from 1966-1982, but only see each other every few years now. With UMass' move to FBS, do you support seeing the Minutemen on the yearly non-conference schedule?

Jeff: No, this would be a big win for UMass but not BC. BC needs to schedule UConn annually as I have said before.


Jeff: Dave Shinskie is once again listed as the backup QB per this week's depth chart. How many series does Shinskie get tomorrow?

Brian: Zero?


Brian: Last one. Boston College. UMass. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: BC will win somewhat comfortably. Boston College 27, UMass 13


Pick 5


Kansas State at Miami (-13)
Temple (+9) at Maryland
Florida (-19) at Kentucky
UCLA (+5) at Oregon State
USC (+2.5) at Arizona State


North Carolina (+7) at Georgia Tech
UAB at East Carolina (-14)
Arkansas at Alabama (-11)
Oklahoma State (+4.5) at Texas A&M
LSU (-5.5) at West Virginia