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Are Maryland And Florida State Keeping Their Conference Realignment Options Open, Just A Little?

So remember earlier this month when the ACC was toying with the idea of increasing the buyout for members to leave the conference? Then the University presidents went ahead and did exactly that, unanimously approving an increase to the exit fee to $20 million and signaling to the other conferences that the ACC was much more stable than it initially appeared?

While the vote was unanimous, it looks like the original number was in the $34 million range, that is, until Florida State and Maryland talked the rest of the conference down to $20m.

Obviously, this is worth noting as both Florida State and Maryland are rumored to have options other than sticking around the ACC should the Big Ten (Maryland) or SEC (Florida State) come calling, though both seem like long shots. A $34m figure would have easily made it cost-prohibitive to leave the conference, but $20m seems slightly more palatable. Even still, the $20m figure isn't anything to sneeze at, as that is roughly twice the cost Nebraska paid to get out of the Big 12, and twenty times the price Boston College paid to leave the Big East.

Do I think that this means that both the Florida State and Maryland administrations have one foot out the door? Not really. Especially if the ACC is successful in landing one of the three conference expansion heavyweights into the fold. But it is worth noting that both schools are keeping their options open.

HT: Testudo Times