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Required Game Week Reading: UMass

Almost forget. We have a football game this weekend ...

Here's where to go to read up on the Massachusetts Minutemen. First, be sure to read our Q&A with the UMass Football Blog from earlier this summer. Also, check out Tbrennan's excellent in-depth look at UMass' upcoming move to Division I-A football and the Mid-American Conference in three parts:

-- I. Can The Minutemen Compete?
-- II. Can The Minutemen Recruit?
-- III. Northeast Recruiting Potential Quantified

SB Nation:

If applicable, we will put a SB Nation blog at the top. While there's no UMass blog on the SB Nation network, be sure to check out Hustle Belt, SBN's hub for all things MAC.


Matt Vautor writes a UMass sports blog for the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Also check out's Ucoverage of UMass sports as well as the site's Collegian Sports blog. I suppose you can also read a few things in either the Boston Globe or the Boston Herald from time to time, too.

For a student perspective, check out The Massachusetts Daily Collegian.


Your best bet is to check out the UMass Football Blog, which has daily updates on Minutemen football. And while they don't cover UMass football, also stop and say hey to our friends at Fear The Triangle, your best source of UMass hockey news.

Message Boards:

If you want to visit the UMass boards, stop by UMass Insider ( or the independent board.

Official Site:

Visit the football homepage to read up on all things Minutemen football.

Any other UMass sites that we missed out on or overlooked? Let us know in the comments.