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The Official Boston College Tailgating Guide, Volume V: Music

 (via <a href="">Ty Nigh</a>)
(via Ty Nigh)

It's game week folks! Time to forget about baseball, get out your Mark Herzlich jersey, cook, eat and be merry! Time to live life again!

Tailgating is a complicated art that only a few can do well. So in order to help you prepare for Boston College's opener against Northwestern on Saturday, we here at BC Interruption want to help you tailgate at the highest level. As the week progresses we have a series of posts ready to help you party like a BC fan should.

The 2011 BC Interruption Tailgating Series

Monday: Food
Tuesday: Drink
Wednesday: Clothing
Thursday: Logistics
Friday: Music


Music is not something that every tailgate has, but something every good tailgate needs. Does anything get you more pumped up for a game than some good tunes? I think not. But the key is being the DJ for the tailgate, that knows your audience and plays the right mix of music that everyone can get into. I'm a hip hop head and I would love to just blast Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and KRS One at my tailgate, but I'm pretty sure my guests would be pretty annoyed by that. It's not their style. To complement their styles I throw in some classic rock, some modern stuff, country music and a whole lot more.

So pack up your Ipod, a car adapter and some good speakers and put together a killer playlist.

For the Older Generations

James Brown "Living in America"- The Godfather of Soul is a must have at any tailgate with parents. And what's better than screaming and howling like James Brown when you have a few drinks in you?

Bob Marley- again something that all generations can enjoy. Key is to only put a few songs in the playlist, otherwise the energy gets sapped out of your tailgate.

Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline- I know, I know, I am sick of this song too. But girls aren't, and if you want to make your tailgate friendly to the opposite sex, you need to play their music too.

Standard Hits

Guns & Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" "Welcome to the Jungle"-  a touch of harder stuff that really get you ready to run through a brick wall.

AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long- Great track, and Angus Young is the man.

Dropkick Murphy's- For Boston- Not a version I am big fan of, but you can't deny that the fans dig it. But be forewarned if you play Tessie or Shipping Off To Boston I may go nuclear on your speakers. Save it for the Sawx.

Beastie Boys- Fight For Your Right To Party/Sabotage/Girls- All great tracks, that all are pretty "safe" rap tracks for every fan but still will rock the stereo.

More music after the jump

For the Younger Crowds

These are the songs that you can play if your parents aren't at the tailgate. Don't be that guy that plays a bunch of obscure rap that only you and other diehard rap fans know. People don't want to hear that. Go for the classics.

DJ Khaled- All I Do Is Win- Played a ton during BC hockey games, and rightfully so.

Sugar Hill Gang- Rappers Delight- This song is long as hell, but it is a classic that even the older crowd can appreciate.

Snoop Doggy Dogg- Gin & Juice- Some of that West Coast G Funk that gets you right into that groove. Plus it's alot of fun to rap along to if you can (I can).

Notorious B.I.G- Mo' Money Mo Problems- I'm pretty sure every single human being knows Biggie's verse. Great beat, plus it makes P.Diddy look like he can actually rap

Outkast- The Way You Move. Big Boi can give you that Southern swagger to rock the tailgate, what's wrong with bringing a taste of the Dirty Dirty to the Northeast?


A rather large group of fans like that music from down South. Whether it's Keith Urban or Tim McGraw, you may want to consider some of these less hillbilly-esque country songs

Joe Nichols- Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off- Yes the song is about a girl who gets wasted and loses all her clothes. Songs about booze are cool even if they are country right?

Kenny Chesney- Beer In Mexico- Lots of people like Chesney, and most of them are girls. Want them to come over to your tailgate? Play this song.

Garth Brooks- Friends In Low Places- I guarantee even if you hate country that you know the words to this song.

This is just a short list, I could literally go on for pages on this. Hopefully this list gives you a start on creating your own BC tailgate playlist. 

What songs are on your tailgating playlist?