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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: Twelve Pack League Games

Twelve Pack Map 12
Twelve Pack Map 12

The SB Nation Georgia Bulldogs blog -- and proud member of the Twelve Pack -- Dawg Sports recently previewed this weekend's slate of games, including the big BC vs. NU game on Saturday. Here's what T Kyle King had to say about Eagles vs. 'Cats:

"This game matters because it will set the tone early for the division race in the 12 Pack North. Wait, whoa, that was make-believe, wasn't it? Sorry; for a minute there, I lost track of which league realignments we invented, and which ones were really happening. Las Vegas has listed the Eagles as three-point favorites at Chestnut Hill, which is pretty close to calling it a toss-up. I'm going with Northwestern to pull out the victory in a close contest."

Now while I don't care much for Kyle's prediction, Dawg Sports does remind me that there will be actual Twelve Pack college football league games this season (is it bad that I kinda like the Twelve Pack more than the ACC?).

Here is your fall Twelve Pack lineup:

Sept. 3: Boston College vs. Northwestern
Sept. 17: Boston College vs. Duke
Sept. 17: UCLA vs. Texas
Oct. 8: Clemson vs. Boston College
Oct. 8: Purdue vs. Minnesota
Nov. 5: Wisconsin vs. Purdue
Nov. 12: Virginia vs. Duke
Nov. 12: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
Nov. 19: Northwestern vs. Minnesota

Georgia and Washington are the only two Twelve Pack members that won't face another Twelve Pack program this season. I suppose there's always bowl season. By virtue of having eight teams in either the ACC or the Big Ten, there are seven ACC / Big Ten conference games that are de facto Twelve Pack games.

Quick Twelve Pack predictions: Wisconsin and BC are the only teams to win multiple Twelve Pack games, but the Eagles fall to Clemson to finish 2-1. Wisconsin, Texas, Clemson and Virginia all finish undefeated in Twelve Pack games. Russell Wilson goes beast mode on whichever hapless opponent* the Badgers play in the inaugural Twelve Pack Championship Game (Texas? Georgia? Clemson?).

* Divisions and Championship Game location yet to be finalized.