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Luke Kuechly Wins ACC Linebacker Of The Week Again

Time to move on from Duke. Sort of.

Anyone want to revel in personal accomplishments? Luke Kuechly won not only the Ronnie Lott Impact Player of the Week, but also ACC Linebacker of the Week. Yay! 

Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly was named ACC Linebacker of the Week Monday after recording 23 tackles in BC's 20-19 loss to Duke. The 23 tackles marked a career high for the junior, who also tied Stephen Boyd for second on the team's all-time single-game tackles list. Kuechly now has 399 career tackles and is on pace to become the fifth Eagle and 322nd player from the ACC to record 400 career tackles.

This sort of helps me forget the fact that Kuechly is basically the only player on Boston College that has done anything redeeming over the first three games. Literally the entire Duke game was LK flying around the entire field tackling anyone within 10 yard of him. It's just too bad he can't run the ball, play wide receiver and kick field goals maybe we would have a chance to win some games. He has been so dominant already that if BC wasn't so terrible Kuechly would have to be in early talk for the Heisman Award. 

I'm sorry I sound jaded, but I just have a hard time getting excited over individual feats when BC is 0-3 and looking down the barrel of a losing season. But seriously Luke, congratulations. It is great watching you tackle literally everything on the field.