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Conference Realignment: ACC Teleconference Scheduled For 9:30 AM Eastern

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According to USA Today, the 12 ACC presidents secretly voted to add Pittsburgh and Syracuse on Saturday morning, and a press conference is scheduled for 9:30 am today. The ACC Presidents will hold a meeting beforehand. This is really happening.

"The ACC has scheduled a news media teleconference Sunday at 9:30 a.m., ET ostensibly to discuss the expansion, but no details were given."

The best part of the report is while it appears as though Swofford ninja'd conference expansion-palooza 2k11, according to one anonymous Big East official, there was word about Syracuse and Pittsburgh potentially joining the ACC three weeks ago.

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto, who found out about Syracuse and Pittsburgh's intentions from a reporter while taking in the West Virginia-Maryland game in an ACC stadium, is, uhh, disappointed.

"Although I was obviously very disappointed to learn the news about the ACC's being in discussions about membership with the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University, I continue to believe the Big East Conference is well positioned for the future and that the events of the past 24 hours will unify our membership. We have been working steadily to solidify and strengthen the Big East Conference and position us for our upcoming TV negotiations and I am confident that we will again emerge from this situation and remain strong."

Will have much more on this after it's made official, but let's do this thing already. Welcome to the ACC, Syracuse and Pitt. It's almost like our football team didn't lose to Duke yesterday.