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Duke 20, Boston College 19: Pathetic

We are truly in dark time folks.

Boston College just lost to Duke. In front of a crowd that wasn't as small as many thought, BC came out, started strong and then completely fell apart at the seams. This is the same school who just three years ago was playing in the ACC Championship game with a future All-Pro QB, an NFL caliber RB and one of the nation's best defenses. Fast forward three years later, and the team is playing sloppy with no real identity, and we are looking at an 0-3 start to a season capped by a loss to ACC punching bag Duke. 

I can't believe what I just watched. It was like watching a car accident in slow motion, you know what is going to happen but you can't look away. Ugly losses are just par for the course in sports, but losing to Duke in football seems like it takes the cake. 

I can't believe that I am paying my hard earned money for a tailgating spot, season tickets and gear to watch a team that is completely embarrassing their fan base.  Gene DeFilippo and Coach Frank Spaziani should be ashamed at the product they are putting on the field. We as fans deserve better than the pathetic showing we have seen in the first three weeks. Those players want to win, you can see it, but no one is putting them in a position to win, and we as a fan base have to watch them all go up in flames. It truly is a shame. 

What is going wrong? Well first and foremost the coaching staff has to continue to take the brunt of the criticism. How this team could get chipped to death by swing passes for an entire game is beyond me. This after two straight games of losing on repeated variations of the option run. How can a coaching staff that strives for defensive excellence continue to get burned by the same play?  And it isn't the talent, I truly think the talent is there. It's the coaching that is failing to utilize what they have in an effective way. How can GDF justify keeping Coach Spaziani after the downward direction this team has gone in during his three years at the helm?

And offensively, is Dave Brock really calling the plays? If so, he has no business being an offensive coordinator. Can we please get an OC in here that can successfully mix up run and pass plays? Last year we had Gary Nyquill calling draw plays until my eyes bled, this year we have Dave Brock/Kevin Rogers calling non stop pass plays to wide receivers that can't get open. Andre Williams, Tahj Kimble and Rolandan Finch did an admirable job running the ball, but BC only ran them in situations that dictated the run. They refused to try and pound the ball down Duke's throat.

More ramblings of a mad man after the jump....

Nate Freese, sorry pal, but your performance was inexcusable. As I left Alumni Stadium an older women said "I feel bad for BC's kicker".  Nice sentiment, but I don't. Nate Freese reminds me of Ryan Ohliger, hitting two longer range field goals, then missing an extra point and the potential game winning chip shot field goal.  I'm sure the pressure was great to make that final 27 yard field goal, but he missed. Again sorry Mr. Freese, but you get no sympathy from me. You have to hit those. Nate Freese has now cost BC two games.

Let's look at the grand scheme of the 2011 season. Where the heck is this program going? There is a distinct possibility that there BC could end this season with zero, one or even two wins.  BC has two more games that should be "winnable" in UMass and Wake Forest, and then the Eagles are going to get way over their head. Can you imagine this team playing teams like Clemson, Florida State and Virginia Tech? It sickens me to think how those games are going to end up.  Florida State fans are going to be doing the Tomahawk Chop until they get tendinitis in their shoulders. BC fans better buckle up and get the hardest alcohol they can find, because October could get real ugly. 

The BC fanbase is now in a collective crisis mode. Losing to Duke is the last thing these fans needed to see, because everyone has completely lost hope in this season. . If BC continues to fall apart, changes are going to have to happen. New coach, new AD, something soon because fans are going to stop showing up soon, and that is going to cost BC money. Something we all know the administration hates.

On the positive side I made it through this entire post without cursing. Which is quite a miracle.