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Boston College Football Attendance Week 3: Duke

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Last week I had projected that UCF would pack the house for their much anticipated game against the Boston College Eagles. And I was right, but so were roughly 50% of all of you. UCF had an announced attendance of 45,100, one less if you consider the moron that got arrested for fighting with security. Knight fans got treated to quite a game, but how will Eagles fans react this week after an 0-2 start?

I think attendance will be ugly this week. BC packed in 37,000 against Northwestern in Week 1, and that was with fans expecting the Eagles to be competitive. Two weeks later, and the #FireSpaz boat has taken sail, fans are taking to the internet complaining about the team, and expectations have dropped precipitously. BC fans are notoriously bad about not showing up to Alumni when things are bad, and I expect this week to be no different. I was talking to a BC friend of mine and told her that I was going to the game this weekend. Her response "Why are you doing that, I would just not show up". Basically the mind frame of a lot of Eagles fans wrapped up in one comment.

I expect the bottom level to be about 80% full, but the upper deck to be completely vacant. Maybe 25% of those seats filled if we are lucky? Also a big critique of the Northwestern game was that Shea Field was empty through most of the tailgating. I think this week will be worse. BC fans are having a hard time wrapping their head around the possibility of not only missing a bowl game for the first time in ages, but also losing to a team with such a terrible football program like Duke. Attendance is going to suffer. Big time.

Personally I think we could be looking at attendance that mirrors such opponents as Kent State in 2009 (25,000), Rhode Island in 2008 (32,000), or Weber St in 2010 (34,000).

Can I use my position of power here at BCI and BEG you all to show up to the game? And bring tons of friends, there will be plenty of seats available on Saturday. This is a huge game in the history of Boston College and for the current state of the program. I don't think any of us really want to see the Eagles go up in flames this year--unless you are praying for the downfall of Spaz-- and an empty stadium will do nothing but hurt this program. You know what happens to current players that see empty stands? They transfer. You know what happens when recruits see empty stands? They commit to another school. I am not trying to lecture you here, I am begging you. Show up. Who gives a crap about the administration, and the coaching, support these players. Do you really want to miss any game that Luke Kuechly plays?

/end rant

Nothing looks worse for recruiting and a fanbase then a completely empty stadium. And skipping a game just because your team is underperforming says a lot about you as a fan as well.