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Boston College Vs. Duke: How To Watch The Game

On Saturday, Boston College will host Duke in our first ACC Network game of the year (kickoff is at 12:30 Eastern). So you might be wondering just how one watches a game on the ACC Network. Lucky for you, we gotcha covered.

Your best bet is to first check the ACC Network's TV affiliate list, which has the television listings for your local market. In Boston, Manchester, Springfield and Holyoke, the game will be show on TV 38 / WSBK-TV. In Washington DC, you can catch the game on My 20 while the game is on CW 69 in Atlanta. Out west, you can catch the game on My 13 LA in Los Angeles and TV 36 in San Francisco. And if you are one of the few and proud Boston College alum living in Boise, Idaho, you can catch the game on KTVB-D2.

If your local area doesn't get one of the ACC Network's affiliates, fret not. There are a couple of other ways you can watch the game on Saturday.

You can also watch the game online, streaming at either or at

Finally, you can catch the game on your iPhone, iPad or Android device by downloading the ACC's free mobile app. Visit to download the app and get access to over 50 ACC Network football and basketball games this season.