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Montel Harris: Should Boston College Play Him Or Redshirt Him?

After watching Andre Williams for two weeks, it's abundantly clear that he is no Montel Harris. AW definitely is a serviceable running back, and with a good offensive line he could be great, but he is not what BC needs right now. Boston College's offense is aching for an explosive game changer, and the only one on the Eagles' roster right now is Montel Harris. But at this point of the season is it even worth burning his final year of eligibility?

Reasons For Montel Harris Playing The 2011 Season

Prospects for BC may appear bleak at this point, but this year is far from over. As we have seen already, future opponents like NC State, Duke, Virginia Tech and Clemson haven't come out like gangbusters and are certainly not set in stone losses. If BC continues to play the way that they have, they will lose those games, but if Harris returns and brings a semblance of offense to the team BC could turn this season around. True lots of other parts of the BC game has to change drastically, but having the best running back in the ACC could solve quite a few.

What was one of the biggest issues with the Eagles loss to UCF on Saturday? Time of possession. BC couldn't hold on to the ball long enough to let their defense breath, and by the time the fourth quarter came along the entire Eagles defense was completely gassed. Bringing back Montel Harris could change all of that. Keeping Luke Kuechly and company on the side line and bringing in a back who is good enough to compensate for even a bad offensive line could be a game changer. Third down conversions will change drastically, and keep the offense on the field, hopefully leading to more points.

Another reason Frank Spaziani should get Harris ready for the Duke game is that Chase Rettig needs him. How many hits can this quarterback take before we are looking at the Dave Shinskie era returning to the Heights? A balanced run game that can earn yards will open up more spots for Rettig, and reduce the lumps the sophomore quarterback has been taking

Reasons To Redshirt Montel Harris

No matter what the front office says I don't think Harris is anywhere near 100%, and I'm not sure he will get completely healthy this season. It would be absolutely terrible if Harris plays the next six games and then gets hurt against Florida State and misses the end of the season. If he comes back Harris needs to be healthy enough to deal with the bumps and grinds of the regular season. Right now, it's uncertain if he is at that level.

Montel Harris deserves his shot in the NFL. Dude has done 4x the Yeoman's work at Boston College, he needs to get paid. And there is one thing that prevents the NFL from giving out money to talented young rookies...injuries. Look at what happened to Da'Quan Bowers, his injury probably cost him millions in guaranteed money. If Montel sits out and proves to scouts that he can stay healthy, he will make serious bank in the 2013 draft.

Doom and gloom time. If you are one of the people who think this is already a lost season, then why waste the last year of BC's all time greatest running back? It would be a sad day if Montel Harris breaks both the ACC all time rushing record and BC rushing record in front of an empty Alumni Stadium. If BC tanks this season, then in all likelihood changes to the coaching staff will be made, and maybe a fresh look in 2012 will revitalize a very capable club.