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"You Can't Spell BCS Without Beating BC"

If you had any doubt as to how big tonight's Boston College vs. Central Florida college football game is for the Knights program, leave it to Orlando Sentinel sportswriter Mike Bianchi to clue you in:

"The UCF mantra for tonight's monumental game against Boston College comes from my buddy Rick, a huge Knights fan. You see, UCF has never beaten a team from an automatic-qualifying Bowl Championship Series league at home. Never, ever. If UCF truly wants to build up its fan base and get the home crowd excited, tonight's the night. If UCF truly has visions of someday joining a big-boy league, a statement must be made tonight. As Rick says, "You can't spell BCS without beating BC."

Right. Because each week, University Presidents and Chancellors feverishly scan the Sunday paper's college football box scores looking for the next big conference expansion candidate. Do these University Presidents even get CBS Sports Network?

In other news, the Big East has reached out to Florida International as a possible expansion candidate after last night's 24-17 win over Louisville. You know, just in case things get too hot in the Sun Belt.