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Boston College Football Fall Practice: Day One Notes

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Even though practice is closed to the public, we can piece together some of the story lines that have come out of the first day of practice.  The players looked different than in years past, wearing maroon and black during walk throughs and practice. Morning started with a quick walk through. Things got interesting in the afternoon as torrential downpours and heavy winds put a damper on practice. Hopefully the bad weather wasn't an omen for the rest of this season.

And speaking of practice, does it get any better than this? Come on folks, college football is underway!

Hopefully you have a good memory, because many of your favorite Eagles have changed their numbers from 2010:

Preseason practice notables included a total of 13 jersey number changes since last fall, including Johnathan Coleman (#14), C.J. Jones (#6), Colin Larmond, Jr. (#1), C.J. Parsons (#53), Kevin Pierre-Louis (#24), Chase Rettig (#11), Bobby Swigert (#10), and Andre Williams (#44).

Globe writer Mark Blaudschun got the scoop on why Rettig changed his number:

"My number in high school,'' said Rettig  "Last year as a freshman, I just took what they gave me. But this season and I had a choice and I picked no. 11. It's my favorite number. New number, new QB.''

After practice, DB Donnie Fletcher, LB Luke Kuechly, WR Ifeanyi Momah and OG Nathan Richman were named co-captains for the 2011 season. No real surprises there, both defensive players have proven themselves as leaders on and off the field. Momah has proven that he put the team first, see the disastrous 2009 defensive line experiment. I don't know much about Richman, but BC's offensive linemen have a rich history of leadership.

BC awarded another full scholarship to backup punter and kicker sophomore Gerard Levano. Levano was a walk-on, who had some some action with the Eagles in 2010. I don't remember him, but congratulations on avoiding being fully in debt to Boston College for the remainder of your natural life. 

Don't have any plans this Saturday? Season ticket holders, students and staff are invited to come down to BC to watch the first scrimmage of the fall. Interesting perk for those of us who are dying to watch some football, but kind of poor timing on BC's end. Less than a week's notice is going to make it very hard for many of us to make it to Alumni. But if you can please go, take pictures and fan post your thoughts!

Finally a word of advice from Montel Harris to Chase Rettig:

"When in doubt, throw my route"