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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament Final Four: (1) Roggies vs (12) Harry's Bar and Grille

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Via Joshua Heller's flckr.
Via Joshua Heller's flckr.

(Evidently I can't read a bracket. Originally I had this set up to be Harry's vs Cityside. It should have been Roggies vs Harry's. So things have been edited to the way they ought to be. Voting will close on Tuesday.)

In our first matchup of the Final Four we have the Cinderella story Harry's Bar and Grille vs. the stalwart of Cleveland Circle, Roggies. Harry's was written off early by many, but has come on strong with their promises of Irish cleansing and BC parties. Roggies is a juggernaut, and a fan favorite. You can read more about their paths to the Final Four here and the complete bracket can be seen here.

#1 Roggies

Here are some of the things said about Cityside previously in the tournament:

Roggies is probably my favorite place to go watch a game; they have a ton of TVs on both floors, which always show BC games. There are plenty of tables, never a wait, and a lot of pretty good food. Pizza is available until 2 so even after the drunkest nights, a Big Daddy slice is always in the realm of possibility. - The BC Girls (ACal6888, yanesp, & mek2702)

Roggie's even has a downstairs in the evenings. It can get a little sketchy, but not the bad kind, more the funny college story sketchy. And let's be honest, proximity is a huge selling point for this place. You can stager home or opt for the drunken late night BC bus experience. (Joanna)

I am a huge fan of their beer selection, there is a ton of beer on tap (more than Cityside), and the beer towers are a great option for large tables. I don't know if they still have it, but I used to love going there and grabbing an answer tablet and playing video trivia. " (BCHysteria)

#12 Harry's Bar and Grille

I'm a beer drinker so I'm always trying something new from their extensive beer selection and when I'm not sure what to choose the staff there has no trouble suggesting something based on what I'm in the mood to drink- Jennycupcakes1

Vote for the small of stature underdog...Harry's...Like (Doug) Flutie - Heather Mamatey

Harry’s is like Jesus himself, you support him, he gets you into Heaven…you support Harry’s, they take down the sign AND make you an outstanding club sandwich with an ice cold beer.- Bernard Cleaver