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Boston College Daily Links: Colin Larmond Jr. Ready To Go

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BC’s Larmond set to pick up where he left off (Boston Globe)
“Everything he has done would suggest that he is ready. But until he goes up for a ball in practice and then comes down on that leg, you don’t really know. Certainly, we’re looking forward to him coming back.’’ Said Larmond, “I can’t wait for practice. It’s been a long time, almost 365 days."

The Emotions of Sports: The transition game (The Santa Clarita Valley Signal)
"I really have no clue what to expect," says Valencia graduate Lonnie Jackson, who is preparing for his first Division I basketball season at Boston College. "I can't even imagine myself playing at Duke (one of Boston College's conference opponents) right now. It's crazy to think about myself playing on TV in front of millions of people. It's hard to even think about."

12 Days Of ACC Football: Boston College (The
Since joining the Atlantic Coast Conference for the 2005 season, Boston College has won 54 football games, the most in the six-year period in the ACC with the exception of Virginia Tech, which has won 63.

Chris O’Donnell gets nostalgia brewin’ at Boston College (Boston Herald)
You can take the boy out of Boston College, but you can’t take BC outta the boy! We are, of course, referring to “NCIS: Los Angeles” hunk Chris O’Donnell, who claims that while back in the Heights for the BC-Notre Dame game last year, he not only took his three kids on a tour of all his fave college haunts, he gifted the kids in his old dorm room with a 12-pack of beer!

VIDEO: Charlie Davies visits Washington Hospital Center (D.C. United)
Davies returned to the hospital to personally thank the doctors and nurses who treated his critical injuries

Video: Boston College's X factor (ESPN ACC Blog)
Heather Dinich wraps up her X factor series with Boston College quarterback Chase Rettig.

2011 BC football breakdown, Part XIV: Right defensive tackle (Soaring to Glory) ACC Atlantic Roundtable (Blogger So Dear)
Who is the best player in the ACC Atlantic Division? Montel Harris. He's gonna rush for a whole bunch of yards.

Big East Expansion: If Not Villanova, Then Who? (Cardiac Hill)
So what does this all mean? Well, for one, the Big East is actually trying to get decent schools. This is where the benefit of going last in media deals comes into play. If the Big East were to go out into the open market and get big money from Comcast, NBC, or ESPN, they could potentially sway Maryland and BC (although fans of both schools aren't particularly thrilled, especially BC).

The Importance of Florida State (Pre-Snap Read)
It’s early in the process, but F.S.U. leads the way in 2011. It’s early in the process because the Seminoles have showed much but proven little, winning 10 games last fall but still losing to Virginia Tech in the A.C.C. title game. F.S.U. and Jimbo Fisher are still leading the way, thanks to the promise of something great: the promise of future dominance, in the state and the A.C.C., F.B.S., B.C.S. — all your meaningful acronyms.

UCF Looks to Build on Last Season's Success (
"I'd rather be where we're sitting now than where we were when we got here," O'Leary, who went 0-11 in his first season with the Knights in 2004, said Friday during the team's preseason media day. "I think expectation levels are higher. I think the team has to react to that. I know the coaches do," the coach said, adding he'd rather have fans excited about the prospect of another conference title and perhaps even a shot at a BCS bowl berth, rather than entering the season "hoping and wishing that things happen right."

Finally, Black Shoe Diaries / Linebacker-U digs up this footage from a 1991 game between BC and Penn State. Pretty cool even if the good guys didn't get the W.