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Harvard Monday To Friday And Alabama On Saturday: Q&A With Gene DeFilippo

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Over the weekend I sat down to read the "Questions and Answers With Gene DeFilippo" section of the 2011 Boston College Athletics Annual Report. And while it's not quite as thorough as Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN, this year's Q&A is quite detailed. I was surprised to read nearly 4,000 words from the AD and not see one mention of men's lacrosse. Looks like we've finally moved past this point -- or any men's lax questions went unpublished -- though GDF did talk about the BC's commitment to being a "broad-based sports program."

And no Q&A would be complete without a mention of how alumni want BC to be "Harvard Monday through Friday and Alabam on Saturday afternoon."

I'd encourage you all to read through this year's Q&A. But if you don't have the time, the above word cloud gives you a sense of the message DeFilippo gives us this year.

Clearly there is a desire to "get every BC program going," while GDF reiterates that "Spaz [has] got [a] good college football job." "Spaz" appears to be the most popular coach on campus, though DeFilippo also talks about his relationship with Steve Donahue and the basketball program. 

Of course, when you think about "Boston College" you think about "student-athletes" that excel in "football," "basketball" and "hockey." The "AD" has clearly "invested great years" in the school and our athletics programs, even if we've "never [had] great tailgating."