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Boston College Superfan Yellow Man's Identity Finally Revealed

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Yellow Man 2
Yellow Man 2

Earlier in the year, Brian asked the question "Who is Yellow Man?" BC fans clamored over this new Superfan hero who showed up at nearly every BC game dressed up in his patented yellow spandex suit.

-- Was he really a bored Frank Spaziani?
-- Was he a messenger sent from the Gods to Conte Forum to demand that students actually show up to basketball and hockey games?
-- Did Gene DeFilippo force Dave Shinskie to earn his scholarship?

Well, the questions have been answered. This here is a video of the ACTUAL Yellow Man doing what he does best -- working with pets. Look at the way he makes that terrier workout ... chasing those balls and demanding those roll overs be perfect and crisp. If film making and professional Boston College sports fandom don't work out for him, Yellow Man should see if GDF has a spot on his training squad. 

Thanks to our reader Steph who hooked us onto the real Yellow Man, who like we all expected is just another great BC student. And quite the funny amateur film maker too.

My only question for him is: Can that little dog play point guard for the Eagles next season?

Pet Sitting Workout - Intern Project (via caredotcom)