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2011 Boston College Season Preview: What Should We Expect?

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We have talked alot about Boston College's 2011 Football Season here at BC Interruption. There have been previews of the schedule, a look at the depth chart and weekly analysis of BC's 2011 opponents. Now with less than a month left until kickoff against Northwestern, it's time to put the chips on the table and take a good honest look at what might and what probably will happen this season for BC.

Potential Trap Game -- Duke

I thought of placing the Northwestern or Central Florida game here at first, but those aren't necessarily trap games because BC likely won't be a heavy favorite in either of the games. Duke QB Sean Renfree scares me. Last year he threw for nearly 300 yards and was one batted pass away from beating the Eagles at Wallace Wade Stadium. If Renfree can turn this game into a shootout and our secondary struggles against Conner Vernon, I could see Duke sneaking out of the Heights with a win. Which would make me physically ill and lead to some angry hate-filled blog posts. But we can cross that bridge if it happens.

Potential Upset Game -- Florida State

With the FSU game set for ESPN primetime -- even if it's on a Thursday -- Alumni Stadium is going to be rocking for this one. BC's defense will be feed off this vibes because E.J. Manuel into some early mistakes and could control the game. If Chase Rettig can minimize catastrophic mistakes and Montel Harris / Andre Williams can control the clock, BC could shock the world. BC almost pulled it off last year in Tallahassee, could this be the season Spaz finally wins a game against a ranked opponent?

Breakout Performer of the Year -- Chase Rettig

Much has been said of the Sophomore, but let's all remember Rettig was thrown into the fire last season after Dave Shinskie fell on his face. True he looked completely lost at times, and his foot work was atrocious, but there were glimmers of greatness smattered in there. I think the addition of Kevin Rogers and a more balanced offensive attack, along with the return of Colin Larmond Jr. will lead to a much improved campaign for Rettig. I expect we could see a few 300 yard games this season, with a much improved TD-INT ratio.

Other possibilities: Kaleb Ramsey, Albert Louis Jean, Kasim Edebali and Chris Pantale

Letdown Performer of the Year -- Montel Harris

Three new starters on the offensive line, and three years of wear and tear in the BC system. Something just screams to me that Harris won't be the elite running back that we hope he will be. Now before you tear me a new one, please note that I am not saying BC won't be able to run the ball. If Harris breaks down we have Andre Williams, and as we saw last year he is very capable.

Other possibilities: Chase Rettig, Frank Spaziani, Kevin Rogers, Donnie Fletcher

Sunshine and Rainbows BC 2011 Forecast -- 9-3

Chase Rettig proves that he is ready for ACC defenses, the offensive and defensive line gels, and BC gets a few lucky rolls against Clemson, Northwestern, UCF and Notre Dame. Kevin Rogers proves the difference maker and BC is actually able to move the ball effectively and consistently. BC finishes the season in the Top 25, and finally plays a bowl not located in San Francisco.

Line up at the Tobin Bridge BC 2011 Forecast -- 5-7

BC starts the season off by getting clobbered by Dan Persa, and stumbling at UCF. Chase Rettig still has happy feet, the offense looks exactly the same as it did last year, and Luke Kuechly is not enough to overcome the offensive ineptitude. I don't even want to imagine this possibility. BC doesn't make a bowl, fans will be screaming for Frank Spaziani's head, and Kuechly decides to forego his senior year for the NFL Draft. And the boys of BCI drink large quantities of whiskey to forget this whole debacle.

BCHysteria's 2011 Forecast -- 7-5

Look, I've been called a hater/pessimist/fake fan/not loyal/loser/fraud, but you come here for opinion and this is truly what I believe. Boston College has the pieces here to be good, but they also have a very tough schedule. Could BC sneak out a win against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg? Sure, but will they? Probably not. Before you tar and feather me, look at BC's away schedule: Clemson, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Miami and UCF. All borderline Top 25 teams. Remember, Spaz against Top 25 schools equals zero wins. However, I do expect BC to defeat UCF this season. Like the 2010 season this will be a season filled with highs and lows. BC will win all the games they are expected to win, and lose the ones they aren't. They will quickly take care of this Dan Persa for Heisman nonsense, beat UCF, Duke, UMass and Wake, and then run into a huge October free fall. But BC should be bowling again, so that's a success right?

Commence shredding me in the comments.