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Boston College Daily Links: Yes, The Big East Has Been Working Out

Big East To BC: Baby Come Back(?) (SB Nation)
Look, the Big East isn’t really looking for anything exclusive. Right now. I mean, of course they want to get married, someday, if they find the right person, and if they intend to start a family — not that they’re saying they want to start a family, necessarily, but they’re not gonna be young or in this shape forever — haha, yes, they have been working out. A little. Whatever. Thanks for noticing.

Big East:  Future Growth On The Way? (GoLocalProv)
when referring to the overall history of the league, Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech were all mentioned prominently by Commissioner Marinatto – as they should be. They are part of Big East history, before departing for the ACC after the 2004 season. However, it is interesting to note that Boston College, and apparently only BC, still has a standing offer to return…

So, the Big East's "Dream Scenario" is to Add Maryland and Boston College (Testudo Times)
Most people would still have problems joining the Big East with the football/non-football conference split, too. I myself have some problems joining up with a conference that would feature 20 basketball teams, many of them deadwood compared to the rest of the conference. (Looking at you, Seton Hall, Providence, and DePaul. You can't live off past glories forever.) But dropping them is, as Marinatto said, "off the table."

If the Big East is serious about trying to snipe Maryland, they'll need to do better than $3mil, I'm guessing. In fact, I see no reason for the ACC to just instead poach the Big East's best, building a 16-team super-conference of their own. Either way, I'm ready to do this again.

The Big East Is Looking to Poach Boston College and Maryland (Carolina March)
Consider this one more piece of evidence that college football is in a bubble. The Big East is chasing an absurd valuation, and somehow is going to break apart in an attempt to obtain it. The only question is, will it take a couple of of ACC schools with it in the process?

Some ACC football links for ya… (ACC Blogger)
I loved TomahawkNation’s quips on it here and here though: Big East wants Maryland and BC? Take them please. Don’t replace them. Eliminate champ game, put 2 teams in BCS every year like Big10 did and new Big12 (OU/Tex) will It’s an interesting way to think of it. Raiding BC and Maryland certainly wouldn’t be devastating to the ACC – really, it seems more likely it would spur on a counter-raid from the ACC that leaves neither side really winning.

ACC Offseason Report (
Joe Jones left to become the head coach at Boston University and Steve Donahue has decided to promote Woody Kampmann and hire Izzi Metz as his new director of basketball operations. The Eagles will play in the 76 Classic in Anaheim and have non-league games against Providence (12-8) at home, UMass (11-21) and Penn State (11-30). Dallas Elmore transferred out of the program while Oregon transfer Matt Humphrey is eligible this season. 

Conferences Based On Geography: The Compact ACC (Cowboy Altitude)
Cowboy Altitude is running a summer series redrawing the conference lines based on geography. Here is the new ACC, which includes Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake, Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, East Carolina and Navy. Basically, an awful, awful football conference that probably doesn't get a BCS auto-bid.

Crimmins happy to be an Eagle (Eagle Action)
Since his commitment to Boston College last month, Dan Crimmins of Demarest (NJ) has remained busy while preparing for his senior season. spoke to Crimmins about his commitment, his senior season and his upcoming plans.

2011 Position Previews: Defensive Backs (Eagle in Atlanta)

8/3 Draft: Best QB we'll face in '11-'12 (BCDraft)

2011 BC football breakdown, Part XII: Left defensive end (Soaring To Glory)

The scoop on teams with foreign trips in August (ESPN)
Fairfield: The Stags are going to Italy from Aug. 15-25. Fairfield's new coach Sydney Johnson wanted to squeeze in this tour once he got the job. He has to make sure that guard Derek Needham and Boston College transfer wing Rakim Sanders can coexist. This is the perfect trip to do so for a team that should challenge Iona for the MAAC title.

Women's Basketball Prepare For Overseas Trip (
The Boston College women's basketball team will get an early start on the 2011-12 season. The Eagles started practice on Monday, August 1 in preparation for a 10-day overseas trip starting on August 11. The Eagles will arrive in Amsterdam on August 12 and return to Boston on the 20th. BC will play four games while travelling from Amsterdam, Belgium and ending up in Paris, France.

Crystal Ball Run Top 10: No. 5 Florida State (Crystal Ball Run)
The Seminoles are close, they appear poised to retake the ACC as a combination of transition at their main rivals and a well-stocked roster have opened the window for success. The contest against a lot of folks’ number one team will be a measuring stick and a reality check for Florida State’s team and their fans.

Five Questions: Duke (ACC Sports Journal)
If Duke is going to improve on the ground, the improvement will have to come up front. Second-year starters Perry Simmons and David Harding still have a chance to improve their run-blocking, but the most potential belongs to giant redshirt freshmen Laken Tomlinson and Takoby Cofield. Last spring, the two often played on the same side and gave the line a noticeable tilt. That could pay off in the running game.