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The Official Boston College Tailgating Guide, Volume III: Clothing

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It's game week folks! Time to forget about baseball, get out your Mark Herzlich jersey, cook, eat and be merry! Time to live life again!

Tailgating is a complicated art that only a few can do well. So in order to help you prepare for Boston College's opener against Northwestern on Saturday, we here at BC Interruption want to help you tailgate at the highest level. As the week progresses we have a series of posts ready to help you party like a BC fan should.

The 2011 BC Interruption Tailgating Series

Monday: Food
Tuesday: Drink
Today: Clothing
Thursday: Logistics
Friday: Music and Entertainment


By far this is one BC's weakest point in terms of gameday experience. Other than the Superfans who rock out their gold superfan shirts, the stands are mish mash of different colors many of them have nothing to do with Boston College. BC seems to be trying to fix that with the Young Alumni section, who hopefully will start a sea of maroon close to the students. But that doesn't cover up for the 25,000 other people wearing polos, Red Sox gear, and a whole slew of other non BC gear. To change this culture, it all starts at the tailgate. Demand your tailgate attendees wear BC gear, and if they don't own any mock them mercilessly and tell them to head to Hillside and buy a shirt or hat immediately. And if they continue to be difficult, refuse to feed them or give them beer until they change. You, as the fan need to be the change you seek in the world.

Here are some options for every fan from "Superfan" to "girl who couldn't tell you the difference between Mark Herzlich and Matt Ryan."

Superfan Shirts

There is a lot of controversy around this because many current students feel that the shirt should be worn by current students only. I disagree. This shirt is a badge of honor, that tells the world that you bleed maroon and gold. I honestly wish all fans wore the Yellow Superfan shirt, it would make the expected dress code that much simpler.  Plus if you are a young alumni and sitting next to a families filled with little kids isn't your thing, you can easily sneak back into the student section.

Alumni Superfan Shirts

Graduates need to wear these more often. BC had a great idea when they created these, because they continue the camaraderie of the student section in the other areas of the field. If your tailgate is filled with alums, try to encourage them to wear these. These shirts need to show up much more on Shea Field, and Alumni Stadium.


My personal favorite. I own a Doug Flutie throwback and two Mark Herzlich jerseys. They show off the colors that need to be prominent in the stands, plus they say to the world "Hey I respect and love BC teams of the past". Bonus points go to fans that whip out really obscure ones like linemen from the 80's, or Mike Cloud. Pink jersey's dont do anything other than show off that your a chick, but if youre a girl nothing is hotter than a tight fitting BC jersey. Especially if it's a Matt Ryan jersey...mmmmm...Matt Ryan....wait, what?

Other BC shirts

They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. The more the maroon and gold are emphasized the better. If you are an older gentlemen that want to show off the BC colors, buy the new Under Armour golf shirts. They come in maroon and gold, but still show the classiness of "I drink scotch and smoke cigars".

Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins/Celtics Jerseys

If you are coming to my tailgate, please for the love of god don't come in a Red Sox jersey. If I wanted to go to a SAWX game, I would shuttle down to Fenway Park. Honestly I'd rather see you wearing a Hokie jersey to the VT game than a Jonathan Papelbon jersey. The same go for the other three. You have hundreds of opportunities to show them off, BC has just 7 football games a year, it's our time and it's sacred. It just continues to promote the public perception that BC is a fifth rate team in Boston. Which it is, but BC fans hate it shoved in their face.


Shea Field can be sunny and hot, and Alumni is damn near blinding on nice days. Be sure to pick up a good solid BC hat to wear to the game. Guys and girls can do it. Speaking of which, I need to get a new BC hat, my dog chewed through both of mine during the offsesason. Probably because she is a bulldog from Georgia and pulls for UGA. She just can't let go of that 2001 Music CIty Bowl loss.

Other Accessories

Body paint is cool for girls, and kids still enrolled at Boston College but not for men who are a little on the heavy side. I love the BC temporary tattoos, especially on the kids. Basically whatever you can add on to your gameday experience is a plus for me.


What does your gameday wardrobe look like?