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Northwestern Trash Talk: #BeatNU Wednesday

Earlier in the week we introduced this week's Twitter hash tag: #BeatNU. Well if you haven't been Tweeting Northwestern smack talk liberally these past few days, what are you waiting for?

Between now and Friday, use the #BeatNU hashtag to hurl your best insults at these Northwestern Wildcats. We'll compile the best tweets over the course of the week and post them back here Friday morning for those who missed it and/or don't have Twitter. 

I'll go first. Let me demonstrate with an easy example:

The Northwestern football program is 1-8 all-time in bowl games and hasn't won a bowl game since ... January 1949. This fact is easily converted into Twitter trash talk thusly:

The last time Northwestern won a bowl game, there were only 48 U.S. States. #SewardsFolly #BeatNU #WeareBCless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


Variants on a theme: 

-- The last time Northwestern won a bowl game, Coach Spaz was still in diapers. #BeatNU
-- The last time Northwestern won a bowl game, Gary Tranquill was 7 years old. #BeatNU
-- The last time Northwestern won a bowl game, gas cost 26 cents a gallon and minimum wage was 40 cents per hour. #BeatNU
-- JoePa hadn't even started coaching at Penn State the last time Northwestern won a bowl game (though it was close). #BeatNU

Northwestern is also the only men's basketball program from a major conference to never make the NCAA Tournament. You can probably have a field day with this factoid as well.

Release the hounds.