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Boston College Daily Links: NU Vs. BC A Recruiting Rival

Today's installment of Boston College Daily Links welcomes Heights & Lows back to the BC blogosphere. DL and DougBushBC are two of the OGs when it comes to blogging all things Eagles. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

NU vs BC: More Than Just A Game; It’s A Recruiting Rival (Lake The Posts)
Our ability to beat BC for high quality football prospects is a relatively new development. As recently as 2008, local Illinois prospects like OL Emmet Cleary (St. Viator) and LB Nick Clancy (Joliet Catholic) spurned the ‘Cats in favor of BC. And we’ll see both those players in the Eagles lineup on Saturday. Other NU recruiting targets followed suit in 2008. TE Chris Pantale out of New Jersey stayed closer to home and signed with the Eagles over NU and numerous other BCS programs. He too will play on Saturday. And we may also see 2010 TB Rolandan Finch toting the ball, given the rash of injuries BC has absorbed at the TB position. Finch too could have been a Wildcat, but chose BC instead.

Kuechly head and shoulders above rest of ACC class (
"He's not only head and shoulders above the ACC class," ESPN analyst and former Florida State quarterback Danny Kanell said. "He's right there head and shoulders, almost above anybody in the entire country. I really believe that he has superstar potential."

Dartmouth grads Lynch, Sylvia bidding for playing time (
Sylvia is battling for playing time against junior Hampton Hughes, a converted wide receiver, and junior Jim Noel, who started eight games at strong safety last season and picked off four passes, including one that went for a touchdown against Florida State.

Next on the Chopping Block: Boston College (Sippin' On Purple)
Mascot: The Eagles. That's it. Just the Eagles. If you're familiar with BC as the "Golden Eagles", as I have seen them referred many times, you're mistaken: that's never been the team name, you're thinking of Southern Mississippi. However, BC is itself to blame, as the school definitely has an avian identity crisis: gold is one of the colors, leading you to believe that they would be Golden Eagles, as would the fact that when the school had a live mascot in the 1960's, they had a Golden Eagle. There's even a gilded statue of an eagle on the campus. However, the logo features a Bald Eagle, and the mascot is Baldwin, which, as you might guess, is a bald eagle. I sense the school is being noncommittal about changing the name to the Bald Eagles, which they would do if they supported America. Summary: Boston College = terrorism.

Boston College Football History: A Timeline (Sippin' On Purple)
Rodger covered Boston College the school already and took some well-deserved shots at the hockey team, although he failed to mention BC hockey players are so dumb that three of them got hammered and crashed their car into a train. Seriously. I've known some stupid hockey players in my college days, including one guy who got hammered and thought it would be a good idea to mock execute random people on the street with a cap gun, but crashing your car into a train is a whole new level of dumb.

What To Watch: Boston College (ACC Sports Journal)
The good news for the Eagles is they have a stable of good young backs waiting in the wings. The best of the bunch is Andre Williams, who took over for Harris during the final two games of last season. In those games, Williams racked up 255 yards and two touchdowns. Williams is a powerful back with good speed and one of the rising young skill players in the ACC.

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario (Eagle In Atlanta)
Take all the petty things I might gripe about Spaz aside, I still see a game manager in the TOB mold. With both, I always felt the way they approached the season or the schedule was with a "win three out of four" games mentality. That will be good for some nice seasons but won't win a division or conference. To do that you need to go for broke. Until I see Spaz display that sort of tactics, I think the following is our most realistic "best case scenario."

Its the Uniform that makes the man. (Heights & Lows)
While I love the idea of being a "testing ground" for UA, I really wish we could have two goals in mind: tradition and identity.  We have a strong traditional uniform identity, not to the extent of teams like Notre Dame or Alabama, but still a strong tradition.  The sold gold helmets with a single stripe has been used since sometime in the 90s (couldn't peg an exact year) and before that it was just solid gold (see Flutie era).

Video: Top ACC storylines (ESPN ACC Blog)
Ivan Maisel and Heather Dinich look at the top ACC storylines, including what effect NCAA violations will have on the conference.

2011 Preseason ACC Football Power Rankings (ACC Sports Journal)
5. Boston College. No player in the ACC may mean more to his team than Harris, which is why his knee surgery two weeks ago has us feeling a bit uneasy about this prediction. Harris is expected to return by the second or third game on the Eagles’ schedule. If that’s the case, and Harris returns to his old self, expect the Eagles to keep the momentum rolling after ending 2010 with five wins in their last six games (the loss came to a 13-1 Nevada team in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl game). The run defense will be stout again and the surrounding pieces on offense are improving. Still, this is a smash-mouth team built around Harris, who has 3,600 career rushing yards. Without his ability to pound out yardage and bust free for big gains, their weaknesses will be exposed quickly.