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Rich Lapham's Knee Holds Up Deal With Buffalo Bills

The NFL preseason has been loaded with great stories for BC football alumni finding new homesgetting a first chance, and dudes gettin' paid. Unfortunately, Boston College offensive lineman Rich Lapham's story hasn't been all roses, and despite several reports to the contrary, he has yet to find a job in the NFL.

Lapham's senior season at BC ended abruptly against Clemson with a devastating knee injury. He had knee surgery in December and has been rehabbing the knee and strengthening it since. Apparently the health of his knee raised enough red flags that prevented him from getting drafted or getting a free agent contract. 

His right knee needs a little more time to get ready," Lapham's agent Noel LaMontagne said. "You can be ready to hit the sled and do drills but running into a 300-pound defensive lineman at full speed is another story. … That’s what’s holding things up right now."

The Bills were rumored to have signed Lapham to a rookie free agent contract but after reviewing his records, the Bills decided he was not ready for football activities and they passed. The knee is almost back to the level where Lapham can resume football activities and the damage isn't severe enough to scare away NFL teams. But for now he is going to have to wait.

"Structurally and everything his knee is completely sound," LaMontagne, out of Eastern Athletic Services, said. "It’s more sound than it’s been in a long time. … Strength and conditioning goes a long way to stability.

Lapham's chances of catching on with the Bills is not completely dead. The Bills have said that they will re-evaluate Lapham when his rehab and strengthening is complete, and that "the door isn't shut." Best of luck to Rich. Here's to hoping he can prove he is healthy enough for NFL action and he can become yet another BC offensive lineman that goes on to having a great career in the NFL.

H/T: waterwater