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Bring On The 'Cats: A Guide To Northwestern Game Week

Northwestern game week is here! Finally.

Lots of new faces around these parts from this time last year, so we thought we'd give you a rundown of what to expect here at BC Interruption leading up to Saturday's game against the Northwestern Wildcats. Most of these features will be weekly throughout the season unless otherwise indicated below.

Your Twitter hashtag for the week: #BeatNU. Use generously.


-- Now that camp is over and the Boston MSM has awoken from its offseason slumber, BCI's Boston College Daily Links will be moved to first thing in the morning for the rest of the season since they'll be actual news being reported in the Globe and Herald. Starting, well, tomorrow. 

-- NEW BCI feature! Required reading and primer for each week's opponents. Here is where to go for all your Northwestern news, notes and analysis.

-- Jeff and I are both voting members of the SB Nation's BlogPoll Top 25, so we've already logged our preseason ballot and will have our new ballots posted on Tuesdays each week.

-- Earlier in the summer, we caught up with Rodger Sherman and the Sippin' On Purple crew to preview this week's BC-NU game. Be sure to give this a read. Also check out the Paul MyerbergFootball Study HallOrlando Sentinel and Dr. Saturday Northwestern previews.

-- We will usually have a Q&A with opposing bloggers on the Wednesday before each game, but since we've previously caught up with both Sippin' On Purple and Lake The Posts, BC Hysteria is probably just gonna podcast with the SOP guys later this week. Hilarity will ensue.

-- On Thursday we'll have a weekly poll question and general discussion on the upcoming game. And on Friday, the usual BCI Big Finish with a slant towards previewing the weekend's game. Plus some gambling picks in our weekly Pick 5 which you 100% should NOT use to wager actual cash.

-- Like you've probably seen on other SB Nation sites, we will have a GameThread for you to chat it up during the game on Saturday. Game threads will be posted several hours before kickoff.

-- After the game, immediate reactions and a post-game link roundup on Sunday. Further analysis and reactions on Monday morning.

-- This week only, we'll have a BC football tailgating primer series of posts, season predictions and the ACC Roundtable roundup. Maybe even a few surprises sprinkled in. Overall, a pretty busy week.


If there is something that you think we could add to our coverage, please let us know -- preferably sooner rather than later -- so that we can add it to the routine and/or adjust assignments to incorporate better ideas. Also, with the season right around the corner and actual games to analyze/discuss, consider contributing to the site by writing a FanShot or a FanPost. Here is a refresher on how to use both site features.

It's go time, Eagles. Beat Northwestern!