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Introducing the BC Interruption Fantasy College Football Challenge!

As we all know, college football is now less than a week away. As we all sit in our houses waiting for opening kickoff, watching Hurricane Irene drench the Eastern Coast, what better way to prep for the season than by signing up for a Fantasy College Football League? It's real easy to play, basically all you have to do is:

1. Sign up for the BC Interruption College Fantasy Challenge!

2. Each week pick any player for the following positions. Multiple teams can pick the same players, so choose your own all star team.

  • Quarterback (Hint: Don't pick Chase Rettig unless he becomes an immediate Heisman candidate, you'll lose. There are probably about 40 other QB's that are worth more points than our boy Chase)
  • Running Back 1: ( Hint: Find whatever running back is playing New Mexico or Kansas State and pick them. Those two teams have terrible running defenses and probably will allow 200 rushing yards a game)
  • Running Back 2: (Hint: If you haven't picked LaMichael James, do it now, dude is a beast)
  • Wide Receiver 1: (Hint: Find really bad teams that are forced to throw the ball a lot)
  • Wide Receiver 2: (Hint:" - " is not a team, it's a bye week. You probably don't want to have that player in your lineup)
  • Special Teams (Hint: Got me here, I have no clue, I just usually pick a team and hope they kick eleventy field goals)
  • Defense: (Hint: Duke can't play defense like they can in basketball, not a very wise choice to pick them here)

3. Make sure you check back every week. Nothing is worse than an owner that doesn't update their teams from week to week. They are easy to find, you can find them by looking at the bottom of the rankings.

Prizes-  Holy moley yes we are going to have prizes. Depending on the amount of participants we will be announcing  prizes as the season progresses. T-shirts, the whole works.

Each week I will be writing an update post during the weekend to update the standings and give an overview of how the standings are looking. What teams had great weeks, what teams didn't. How I did, how Brian did, etc. This is going to be a lot of fun, so make sure you join up. Happy Gaming!