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Kenny Chesney Visits Boston College Football Team: Verbal Commitment Upcoming?

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Kenny Chesney via<a href="" target="new"> Gene DeFilippo's Twitter</a>
Kenny Chesney via Gene DeFilippo's Twitter

And now for something completely different.

Country star Kenny Chesney stopped by the Yawkey Center at BC this morning to talk to the BC football team. Chesney was invited at the behest of Gene DeFilippo.

"Coach Frank Spaziani assembled the team at 9:45 a.m. and played Chesney's music video "The Boys of Fall," which chronicles the emotion involved with the game of football. At the conclusion of the video, Spaziani surprised the team by introducing Chesney, who received a standing ovation.

Chesney spoke to the team about the importance of personal sacrifice and sacrifice as a team in order to achieve goals. Spaziani presented Chesney with a Boston College football jersey and hat."

Chesney, who is originally from Tennessee is a huge UT fan, played football in high school. Chesney has a house on Martha's Vineyard. Maybe GDF can throw a few tickets his way and get him to come to a few BC football games? If we could make Chesney a BC fan, that would give us a legend in both country and rock (Bruce Springsteen).

If only we could find a rap star to become a BC fan as well. P.Diddy's son is looking at a lot of east coast schools. Perhaps we can recruit him to play here? Plus Justin Combs plays DB which I believe BC has a huge hole in the foreseeable future. Though I'd only really want Combs to come to BC if I get invited to his father's White Parties

After hearing the news about Dominick LeGrande this morning it looks like we all could use some lighthearted news. Hopefully that took out of the sting out of losing your starting strong safety for the season. Either way, if you head to country fest at the Razor, let us know if Kenny comes out in his BC jersey or hat. And if you are close enough take some pictures to share with the rest of us.

Hopefully Coach Spaziani got a chance to chat with Chesney and asked him the question we all want to know. "Hey Kenny, can you play safety?"