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Boston College Football Fall Practice: Updated Injury Report

Props to the Herald's Steve Conroy, who has been all over the Eagles' fall camp injury updates. Conroy caught up with Andre Williams asking about his ankle sprain that forced him out of Sunday's scrimmage. For his part Williams doesn't seem overly concerned:

"I was trying to run outside and I guess one of the DBs dragged me down and landed on my ankle a little bit, but I think it's just a mild ankle sprain. It's not too bad. It's already feeling a lot better than it was the other day."

Spaz and the medical staff seem to have a somewhat different view on the matter.

"Andre and the medical people have two different (opinions).


I'm counting on him being there, but when the medical people (raise concerns) you have to be careful. If Saturday and Sunday come around and they're still (raising concerns) then you don't know."

Sounds like we'll know more after BC's final scrimmage, but let's hope either way that Deuce Finch and Tahj Kimble are ready to roll over the Northwestern D next Saturday.

Ramsey is still out with a shoulder injury and will be listed as questionable for the opener, while true freshman Spenser Rositano suffered a concussion in this morning's practice. After Okoroha's dismissal and Rositano's concussion, the Eagles are down to Noel, Dominique Williams, Hampton Hughes and Dominick LeGrande as the only available safeties.