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Three Boston College Opponents Ranked In FWAA Preseason Grantland Rice Poll

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Oklahoma is the favorite to win the Grantland Rice Trophy in the Football Writers Association of America's annual preseason poll, garnering seven first place votes and 229 points to grab the top spot.

Of note to Boston College fans is the fact that three of the Eagles' 2011 opponents were ranked by the FWAA in the Top 16. Florida State received 162 points to finish sixth in the voting behind Oklahoma, Alabama, Oregon, Boise State and LSU. Virginia Tech wasn't too far behind, coming in at number nine. Notre Dame finished 13th overall in the Super 16 despite being the only team on the list with less than nine wins in 2010.

By conference: SEC 4, Big 12 3, ACC 2, Big Ten 2, Mountain West 2, Pac-12 2, Independent 1

The Grantland Trophy is awarded to the FWAA's national champion the morning after the BCS title game in New Orleans. While the FWAA will not conduct a weekly poll this season, it will present the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week each Monday, as selected by a panel of select FWAA members. Likelihood that the FWAA select Boston College as their Team of the Week? Slim.

With the college football season right around the corner, who is your pick to win this year's National Championship? Does the SEC win its sixth consecutive BCS title, or does another team put an end to the ESSS EEEE CEEE's crystal football bogarting.