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A Sneak Preview Of The New SB Nation iPhone App

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The SB Nation tech team has been working hard on a new SB Nation mobile app. Here's a video of what you can expect from SB Nation in the near future:

SBN demo from Mark on Vimeo.

Cool, right?

The app should be available in the App Store later this week. We will notify you all immediately when it's released.

The first release of the app has been built on iOS and will work on iPhones, iPods and iPads once available in the iTunes store (though it won't display in full screen mode on the iPad, at least initially). And no, unfortunately it won't be made available on Android for this first release, but there are definitely plans to have an Android app in the near future. The plan is to release the iPhone app, get tons of feedback, see how people are using it, make a few fixes and then start in on the Android version.

So what does everyone think? Feedback on the app for the tech team? Questions?