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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament Championship Game: (1) Roggies vs (3) Mary Ann's

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Via Deede's Flickr
Via Deede's Flickr

Here we are ... the final matchup. It's been nearly two months since we kicked off the Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament and now just two bars remain. We've had upsets, narrow victories, ties and utter blowouts. The two bars left standing are the number one seed Roggies and the bar that most people thought should have been the top seed, Mary Ann's.

Last round had two interesting matchups. CItySide who came into the matchup a higher seed than Mary Ann's was utterly blown out in a stunning rout. On the other hand, Roggies had all it could handle with the cinderella bar Harry's, and ended up winning by only 15 votes.

Voting will go on for a week and end next Monday at 5pm. Spread the word to your friends, because the winner of this matchup will be crowned the 2011 Ultimate Boston College Bar. That is some major bragging rights there for whomever wins.

#1 Roggies

"Roggies is BC heaven for any class in the last decade and a half. Obviously M.A.‘s was the spot before that and still holds a place close to my heart but Roggie’s has been the center of our BC lives for many years now." - DougbushBC

"Roggies is probably my favorite place to go watch a game; they have a ton of TVs on both floors, which always show BC games. There are plenty of tables, never a wait, and a lot of pretty good food. Pizza is available until 2 so even after the drunkest nights, a Big Daddy slice is always in the realm of possibility." - The BC Girls (ACal6888, yanesp, & mek2702)

"Love Roggie's versatility. The upstairs and downstairs sections have a very different feel from one another and either option works depending on the occasion. The food options are solid and there are plenty of TVs on both floors. I've personally enjoyed many a bucket of Molson's at Roggies and have definitely had my fair share of pizza late night. The formidable combo of atmosphere, food and TVs make Roggies' one of the best destinations in Cleveland Circle." - Brian @ BCI

#3 Mary Ann's

"A staple of Cleveland Circle, Mary Ann's is a haven for BC students. It's yellow and green sign is a homing beacon for Superfans. You can go there any night of the week, literally...and people do. For me, the best time to be at Mary Ann's was a weeknight because it was easy, cheap, and didn't break the bank if you decided to splurge elsewhere the following Saturday. I know they've all been said before, but Mary Ann's is the place for all things Hoops Mania, photo hunt, and Amber Boch. I knew I would always find a friend if I chose to walk in that front door. Cheers to Mary Ann's and BC bar tournament finals!" - Joanna, Class of 2005

"I don't think you can find a single bar with a higher percentage of Boston College Eagles day in and day out. Sure, there are lines -- major lines every weekend night Thursday-Sunday -- solely based on the amount of demand for a bar without a single flat screen TV. Still, you have to be amazed. With Buckhunter, Pop-A-Shot, nudie photo hunt, jukebox (dated reference) and a new text message board, there's something for all ages. Remember you are never too old to go to MaryAnn's" - BCRaj