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Big East Commissioner John Marinatto Offers Open Invitation For Boston College To Come Back (You Complete Me?)

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Boston College Globe beat writer Mark Blaudschun was in Newport, Rhode Island today to file a story about the Big East Media Days. I guess old habits die hard. From the looks of it, it seems like Marinatto and crew are brimming with confidence about the future of the conference with respect to Big East expansion and a new long term TV contract:

"Both are ongoing,'' said Big East commissioner John Marinatto before explaining the conferences plans in general terms. "But we are the only ones left (all the other BCS conferences have agreed to long term, lucrative deals). I think there is an advantage in that.''

Marinatto and the Big East had an offer on the table from the Big East (their current TV partner in football and basketball) for nearly $11 million per team (football) in May. They turned it down, saying they wanted to wait, which is their option since their current deals won't expire until the end of the 2013 football season and the 2013-2014 season.

Marinatto sees numbers in the 19 to 23 million per team range which the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 have signed off on in recent months."

Whoa. I guess we will really test the last mover advantage theory with respect to the Big Six TV contracts. Happy to see Marinatto prove me wrong, but I think the Big East is looking at ACC or non-Texas Big 12 money rather than Pac-12, Big Ten or SEC-type money. Not really sure where Marinatto is coming from here, especially with the uncertainty surrounding which programs will make up the Big East in a year's time.

But talk of Pac-12 and Big Ten-type money for the Big East's next TV media rights deal isn't even the most unbelievable part of Blaudschun's article. Apparently since there is no "home run" addition to the Big East left like TCU (?), the Big East commish would welcome back Boston College with open arms, according to Blaudschun:

"We're well positioned for the future,'' says Marinatto, who still offers an open invitation for Boston College to come back."

I suppose this raises several questions:

-- If the future Big East TV rights deal made the money as good -- or better -- than the haul BC currently takes in as a member of the ACC, would you want to see the Eagles return to the Big East?
-- What if the Big East expanded to 12 football-playing schools and held a Big East football championship in the Meadowlands?
-- What if a new Big East TV rights deal allowed the Big East to drop a couple of the non-football members in small media markets, providing more power to the football side of the conference?

BC ever going back to the Big East ... still no, right? Too many couches bridges burned ...