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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: Final Four Bars Revealed

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After weeks of voting, social media politicking and dirty hijinx, the Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament Final Four is finally read to be unveiled. The second round of the Bar Tournament was rather uneventful, with most bars winning by huge margins. But the Final Four promises to be an epic battle between three of BC's favorites, and a bar that is trying to win the hearts and beer money of BC students and alumni. 

1. Roggies

The path has been very easy for this #1 seed, as they have played against a play-in bar and a bar that isn't even in business anymore (whoops). Roggies hasn't run into an opponent that has given them any problem yet. But will the dreaded gameday pricing and swarms of Steelers fans that have named it their official Boston bar bring down Roggies in the end? 

First Round: Defeated Who's On First 72%-27%
Second Round:  Defeated Joshua Tree 65%-34%

2. Cityside

The first round was certainly interesting for Cityside. Great Scott armed the polls and attacked all that got in their way including our fearless leader Brian, but in the end good prevailed. The second round was much easier for Cityside as they beat underdog An Tua Nua soundly. Many recent graduates wondered why I placed An Tua Nua as a 10 seed, and the second round proved my point.

First Round: Defeated Great Scott's 61%-39%
Second Round:Defeated An Tua Nua 57%-42%

3. Mary Ann's

The favorite to win by many readers, Mary Ann's has shown that it should have deserved that #1 seed. In the first round, they trounced the Chinese restaurant/bar Golden Temple. Mary Ann's has a lot of student votes, but they don't have any Twitter or Facebook presence, which in the end may lead to their down fall.

First Round: Defeated Golden Temple 87% - 12%
Second Round: Defeated Union St. 76%-24%

12. Harry's Bar and Grille

The final underdog left in this tournament, Harry's came out of nowhere to knock out both the Avenue and White Horse. Harry's is the one bar in the tournament that is trying to win their votes through bribery. They already promised to remove the Notre Dame sign from their wall, and if they win it all they plan on throwing a party for the BC-ND game to celebrate. Will this be enough? Or will they fall to one of the staples of BC drinking?

First Round: Defeated The Avenue 52%-47%
Second Round: Defeated White Horse 51%-48%

The Final Four will begin Thursday, with one bar matchup per week until we are crowned a winner on August 26th. We are still looking for people to give a one paragraph story for each bar, so if you are interested please drop me an email at bchysteria at gmail dot com.