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The Miami Hurricanes, Possible Vacated Wins And The Big Finish

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EL PASO TX - DECEMBER 30:  Sebastian the Ibis of the Miami Hurricanes during play against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Sun Bowl on December 30 2010 in El Paso Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
EL PASO TX - DECEMBER 30: Sebastian the Ibis of the Miami Hurricanes during play against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Sun Bowl on December 30 2010 in El Paso Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Brian: Boston College and Miami have a long rivalry and history on the gridiron, even if it's an extremely lopsided one. The Hurricanes own a 23-4 record in the all-time series against the Eagles and have won every game between Doug Flutie's Miracle in Miami and 2006, a streak of 15 BC straight losses to Miami.

With widespread allegations of impropriety on behalf of the Miami Hurricanes football program, the NCAA is sure to come down hard on the U. If recent scandals at Georgia Tech and Florida State are any indication, it's almost certain that Miami will be forced to vacate wins from the period in question.

While we all wish that the 2001 game could be stricken from the record, the period in question is actually from 2002 on. The Eagles fell to the Hurricanes in each of their three meetings with the U in 2002, 2003 and 2006:

Sept. 21, 2002 -- Miami 38, Boston College 6
Sept. 20, 2003 -- Miami 33, Boston College 14
Nov. 23, 2006 -- Miami 17, Boston College 14

If you could strike one of those three games from the record forever, which one would it be and why? Other thoughts on the scandal swirling at Miami?

Jeff: Unfortunately, for most fans an opponent vacating wins doesn't make much of a difference. The memories are what fans care about. Fans will remember who won on those Saturdays in the past, not which ones the NCAA later took away from the winner without granting the win to the loser. For me, if we could have won one of those three games it would have been 2003 since it was a home game while I was a student at BC. Miami went on to win the Big East that season and a victory over Miami would've made for a very memorable Saturday in Chestnut Hill.

In general, I'm not surprised that a program like Miami is in some trouble now. They seem to fit the mold of other programs that have gotten into trouble recently. They were once on top of college football but have slipped and maybe that lead to a loosening of the checks and balances that should've been in place within the athletic department to prevent such issues. Miami is on a growing list of programs that have made headlines for the wrong reasons this off-season.

What that really shows is that similar things are happening at more places than they aren't. Now it sounds like UCF might be in some trouble. UCF has come out of relative obscurity in college football to beating Georgia in a bowl game last season. Ohio State has had a ridiculous run of success against Michigan. USC dominated the PAC-10 for too long. What we're learning from all of these scandals is that if your program's success seems unnatural, then it probably is.

Big Finish

Brian: The women's soccer season begins today against Boston U. Which soccer program -- the men or the women -- ends up going deeper into the postseason this year?

Jeff: Have to go with the women since they've gone deep into the NCAA Tournament recently.


Jeff: Not only is Montel Harris fighting the injury bug, but so is left guard Nate Richman. You concerned?

Brian: Absolutely. Consistency on the offensive line will be key to a good season regardless of who's lining up in the backfield for the Eagles.


Brian: Big East commissioner John Marinatto thinks there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with respect to the conference's next TV media rights deal. Does this mean he thinks Notre Dame is joining the conference as an all-sports member?

Jeff: He's just talking big to will it to happening.


Jeff: Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has announced that he will name a starting QB by Tuesday of next week. Does it matter?

Brian: I should be rooting for Tommy Rees here after Crist led the Irish to victory in Chestnut Hill last season, right?


Brian: The Sports Network's preview of BC mentions that 4-4 in the ACC is attainable, but this was clearly written before Harris' injury. You lowering your season expectations with the news about Montel?

Jeff: No, I think the Montel news, since he might only miss a game or two, is balanced with the fact that Rettig and the rest of the offense have appeared to make significant strides this offseason.


Jeff: Michigan and Ohio State are playing in an outdoor hockey game at Cleveland's Progressive Field this January. Jealous?

Brian: A little, but I think outdoor college hockey games are coming dangerously close to jumping the shark.


Brian: Last one, and closer to home for you. What should Clemson do? If invited, jump to the SEC (if invited) or stay in the ACC?

Jeff: Clemson probably should go given that they do fit more of an SEC mold than an ACC mold when you factor in stadium size, academics and basketball success.