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ACC Expansion And Good Ol' Fashioned Carolina-Style Revisionist History (Again)

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While I'm very much still processing the enormity of the situation down in Miami, other writers are using the U's misfortunes to quickly re-write the history books. Since the NCAA will soon rain blows down on the Miami Hurricanes football program, of course it follows that the last round(s) of ACC expansion were an abject failure

"The only plus of expansion has been Virginia Tech, the "regional school" no one in the ACC wanted when the process began.

Boston College will never be a fan factor in the ACC - or in the city of Boston for that matter.

So here we are - eight years later - and the ACC is facing the prospect of forever forking over big checks from the TV bounty to a Miami program that may not be worth its weight in horse feathers when the next TV contract has to be negotiated."

Caulton Tudor, you'll remember, has been unabashedly anti-ACC expansion since the league decided to add Virginia Tech and Miami back in 2003. My guess is within the week he will have penned his 1,000 word essay espousing the benefits of an East Carolina for Miami swap. That is, if he hasn't already. 

Boston College may never be a "fan factor" in the ACC (whatever that means), but can we please stop with this revisionist history? If Virginia Tech is the only "plus of expansion," I can only assume that BC has been a "negative." Explain to me how, Mr. Tudor. Please. 

BC has somehow been this collective suck on the ACC. This despite:

-- averaging a 5-3 conference record per season in football
-- compiling an ACC record of 30-18 in six seasons
-- winning at least a share of the Atlantic Division title in three of its first six years in the conference (sharing the title in 2005 and 2008 and winning it outright in 2007)

And that's just the football accomplishments.

In basketball, BC's six year .510 conference winning percentage (49-47) is tied with the Hokies for sixth best in the conference over that same span, behind Duke, Carolina, Florida State, Maryland and Clemson. That's certainly nothing to write home about, but BC's six-year record is still significantly better than founding ACC members Virginia (39-57), Wake Forest (36-60) and N.C. State (35-61).

In the Olympic sports, both the BC men's and women's soccer teams have joined the other strong soccer programs in the conference. Not to mention the Eagles dominating ACC ice hockey post-expansion.

The SEC and the Big East are ready to pounce. Can we at least try to keep up appearances and pretend that we all still like each other and refrain from penning typing this drivel? Stop painting BC with the same brush with which you are painting Miami. Just because the ACC abandoned the round robin basketball format and Miami's transgressions span the better part of the decade doesn't mean that BC-to-the-ACC has been a failure.