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Is Boston College A "Football School" Or A "Basketball School?"

This post from Basketball Prospectus looks at attendance in the revenue sports to determine whether a given school is a "football school" or a "basketball school." Taking the last six years' worth of season attendance figures for the BCS AQ schools and factoring in stadium capacity, they arrived at a six-year "capacity used" average for both sports.

"These results rely heavily on two assumptions: 1) Programs design arenas and stadia according to realistic assessments of popular demand. (Though this is not always the case, particularly when college football teams play in NFL venues, but it is nonetheless something assumed true for most programs.) 2) Attendance figures reported to the NCAA are taken in good faith. (Again, one can point to many cases where figures are bloated, but with no way to control for this phenomenon the assumption will stand.)"

The first assumption seems to fit Boston College, but it doesn't really apply to fellow conference members Miami (football) or N.C. State (basketball). As for the second assumption, well, I'd imagine some of those Tuesday night hoops games against St. Francis (NY) might be a little more sparsely attended than advertised. Still it's an interesting look at the revenue sports support based on percent capacity. 

Boston College fell into the "football dominance" category, falling just to the left of the "two sport dominance" category due to lightly attended hoops games. The Eagles are joined by Florida State and N.C. State as ACC schools in the "football dominance" category. The bulk of ACC programs fell into the "two sport dominance" category, including Virginia Tech, Virginia, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina and Maryland.

Even with the second smallest football stadium in the conference, Duke naturally fell into the "basketball dominance" category, while poor Miami fell into the "no sports dominance" quadrants. Talk about piling it on.

Though this study would be much more interesting to see what happens when you factor in college hockey and create a three-dimensional plot for the handful of BCS conference programs that field football, basketball and hockey programs. Would BC then fall into the "hockey dominance" category?

HT: Backing The Pack