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Boston College Releases 2011 Football Poster

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BC Marketing Poster
BC Marketing Poster

Boston College Athletics just released the new football poster on their Facebook page. You know the poster I'm talking about. They usually have about 50,000 of them handed out at each game and 45,000 of them end up under the seats. As a side note, these are a must-have for my office.

Overall I like the new look they went with. The school has moved away from the standard "senior football players standing in a line looking like they are ready to kill you" poster the program has gone with for the past five years or so. I appreciate the new style they are going for but I question whether any casual fans will know who any of the players are since they aren't labeled. Most fans could pick out Chase Rettig and Montel Harris, but without numbers or names they wouldn't have a clue whom the other players are. The outline of the city of Boston is pretty cool too, though I'm sure BU fans would complain about BC "not actually being in Boston."

We are now less than three weeks away from kickoff against Northwestern. If you are like me, things like the release of the BC poster gets you pretty jacked up for football.