Eagles Should Contemplate Move To Big Ten

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With all of the crazy rumors flying around regarding conference realignment, I started thinking about how BC would be impacted and what the ideal outcome would be for the Eagles. Assuming Texas A&M does leave the Big 12, the SEC will look for a fourteenth team to even out the conference. Two of the most likely targets are Clemson and Florida State. While I’m not going to get into exactly how that changes the ACC or who we could potentially poach, I will say that BC could very easily be impacted, probably for the worse. And if the college football landscape continues to progress to "super-conferences" made up of 16 teams, then Boston College needs to be proactive.  What should they do? I suggest trying to get their way into the Big Ten.

The main reason that BC should consider this move is stability. The question isn’t if the ACC will get poached by the SEC, it’s when. However, the Big Ten showed with the addition of Nebraska that they are going to do the raiding instead of being raided. The only other conferences that could challenge them in terms of power, the SEC and Pac-12, can’t take Big Ten teams due to geography. So, going to the Big Ten would assure BC long-term stability, something the ACC doesn’t currently offer.

Another huge benefit of the Big Ten is money. The main source of income for a conference is going to come from TV contracts. Each ACC team makes $11.9 million per year off of their deal. Each Big Ten team gets $18.3 million. This is an enormous disparity, and that extra $6 million would be a big boost to Boston College’s athletic department.

I also believe that Boston College fits better in the Big Ten than the ACC. The Big Ten is a hard-nosed, tough, Northern conference, while the ACC is a southern conference based around speed, something BC has and always will lack. I think that if BC joins the Big Ten with another northeast team such as Syracuse, Pitt, or Rutgers then geographically we would be better off than in the ACC.

Now many will question why the Big Ten would want BC. I actually think we would be a prime target. We bring Boston, one of the greatest sports markets in the country. We also bring terrific academics that will fit with other Big Ten schools such as Northwestern and Michigan.  BC also offers good, solid football and basketball programs, as well as the greatest hockey program in the country (although I doubt we would leave Hockey East.) I think that if the Big Ten does decide to expand, BC would be one of the first programs that they approach.

Boston College can’t afford to just sit back and watch all of this conference turmoil unfold.  Due to stability, revenue, and an overall better fit, I believe it is in Boston College’s best interests to join the Big Ten if possible.