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Conference Realignment Rumors: Virginia Tech To SEC Not Likely?

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Could the Virginia Tech Hokies be headed to the SEC? Not if Athletic Director Jim Weaver has anything to say about it. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Could the Virginia Tech Hokies be headed to the SEC? Not if Athletic Director Jim Weaver has anything to say about it. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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With the Texas A&M Board of Regents set to meet on the topic of SECession on Monday, rumors continue to swirl as to who the SEC will look to as a 14th program. One program that has always been near the top of the list is the ACC's Virginia Tech Hokies.

According to former Hokies beat writer Kyle Tucker, looks like Virginia Tech AD Jim Weaver would "politely decline" if the SEC comes calling for the Hokies:

"I think we would politely decline," Weaver said. "That's my knowing how excited we were and pleased we were when we got in the ACC. And when you realize the travel involved and so on, we're virtually in a ‘bus league' right now. The SEC would cause other travel issues. Certainly there is (increased) revenue involved (with joining the SEC). But I just feel like, and this is me talking - I haven't talked to the president or any of that - Virginia Tech would politely decline, because we're very happy to be in the Atlantic Coast Conference."

Now while Weaver doesn't have the final say as to where Virginia Tech ultimately ends up, at least one school officially has gone on the record to say he'd like to see the Hokies stay in the ACC. The school fought tooth and nail to get into the ACC back in 2003 and according to Weaver, prefers a life of smacking around in-state rival Virginia on the gridiron to middling finishes in the SEC East.

A refreshing dose of #ACCSolidarity, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, Florida State President Eric Barron said Friday that he hasn't had any talks about joining the SEC and has given Swofford his personal assurance that there has been no contact with the SEC. These statements were in response to earlier rumors on Friday that talk of the Seminoles to the SEC was "real."

This is not to say that Florida State won't make a move (even if Jimbo Fisher <3 the ACC). Just that no one has talked to the school about joining the fold as a 14th team ... yet. Finally, you can add ACC commish John Swofford to the list of people who hasn't heard anything ("I see nothing, nothing!").

"We'll continue to be mindful of the collegiate landscape and what's best for the ACC and its member institutions. With that said, I've received no indication from any of our 12 presidents that they have any intention of being affiliated with any conference other than the ACC."

Even with Texas A&M to the SEC becoming more and more real by the day hour, I still feel that this isn't the beginning of the end and not the start of the four 16-team superconference era. At least not ... now. I suppose I reserve the right to deny this up until the moment it actually happens, but I don't think a move by Texas A&M will set off the chain reaction that bloggers and the Twitterati are predicting.

The TV networks (read: ESPN) still have a vested interest in not letting the Big 12 implode and rumors of the conference's demise last summer ended up being greatly exaggerated. For his part, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe also doesn't sound too concerned about letting the Aggies walk, saying that there are nine schools firmly committed to the conference. And oh, by the way, we're perfectly comfortable staying at nine or replacing Texas A&M with Houston, thank you very much.

Our best advice? Hang on to your butts. Things could either get really comical or really ... well, real in a few short days.