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Conference Realignment Rumors: Texas A&M To Join SEC (For Reals This Time?), ACC Defection Watch On

The past week has been filled with Texas A&M to the SEC rumors which has really been nothing more than idle speculation and internet rumors from those the furthest removed from the decision-making process -- fans. However, now we have our first website reporting that the Aggies joining the SEC is finally a done deal. According to -- a subscription site -- Texas A&M has decided that it will join the SEC, but cannot officially announce the move until August 22, the day the Texas A&M Board of Regents will next meet.

"Texas has the Longhorn Network. Texas A&M has the SEC. is reporting that the Aggies have cast their lot with and have been accepted by the Southeastern Conference."

Of course, this is the same site that reported that Texas A&M to the SEC was a done deal LAST YEAR, so take this report with a huge grain of salt. I'll believe this when Mike Slive, the Texas A&M Board of Regents or someone with some decision-making authority says something. If this story actually had legs, wouldn't you expect to see it reported in a mainstream news outlet and not behind a pay wall written by someone who looks like this?

If the Aggies ever do get granted their divorce from Texas and the Longhorn Network, that would give the SEC an uneven 13 programs. The next shoe to drop is who the SEC invites to round up the conference to an even 14 (or 16?). We basically have a bunch of fan bases foaming at the mouth hoping their program gets Mike Slive's golden ticket. That includes ACC programs like Florida State, Miami, Clemson, and Virginia Tech. 

So if A&M to the SEC is really a done deal, who becomes 14 (or 15 and 16)? Will the ACC soon be looking north again to once again raid the Big East, before the conference signs its next TV deal worth billions upon billions of dollars?

OK, everyone start freaking out and wildly speculating! The Slives are coming! The Slives are coming!