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A Preseason Look At Projected Boston College Bowl Games

As we continue to take a look at how the season could progress, let's really take a jump ahead and look at where some of the sports sites project where the season end. When coming up with this list, I used three big sports sites to comprise this list: Bleacher Report, Scout, and Rival. Neither ESPN or Heather Dinich have a list up yet, but as the season progresses, they will be added to the list as well. For each bowl, you'll get the matchup, and what are some pros and cons for BC attending that bowl game.

Bleacher Report

Bowl Projection: Sun Bowl vs. Oregon St. Beavers

Pros: An interesting Pac-10 team to say the least. Led by QB Ryan Katz and WR James Rodgers, Oregon State might play the offensive foil to BC's superb defense. BC would also be the first ACC representative in the Sun Bowl since they change in conference affiliation. It's a New Years Eve Bowl, which would be nice to have again since last years Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl seemed like it was in February.

Cons: El Paso, Texas is not necessarily a great tourist destination. If BC was to make the Sun Bowl, I imagine our fans wouldn't travel there.

Bowl Projection: Music City Bowl vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Pros: I personally love playing against the Ess-cee-cee. This would be a rematch 2002 Music City Bowl where Willie Greene helped lead a stunning 20-16 upset over a then 19th ranked #19 Georgia program.

Cons: What quality Georgia team would we be getting? Georgia is currently a Top 25 team, with rest of the SEC, so it would seem they would have to take a mighty big nosedive to get the Music City Bowl. Then again Mark Richt is coaching that team, so nothing is outside of the realm of possibility.  And BC's alumni has already shown that they have no interest in traveling to Nashville. While although Nashville is a great city, it does not have the travel appeal of Florida, California or Arizona.


Bowl Projection: Military Bowl vs. Navy Midshipmen

Pros: The closest location for many BC alumni and fans (Washington D.C), this could be a game fans could travel to. This matchup would be intriguing because Navy's impressive run attack would be a great matchup for BC's D. Navy also presents as another bowl rematch, this time a rematch of the 2006 Meineke Car Car Bowl.

Cons: Washington D.C is December makes El Paso seem like Aruba. The game is on December 28th which is on a Wednesday (blah), would any fans travel to this game, even if it's close by? Doubtful.


So no projections for the Orange Bowl, but that is alright, this is just the preseason. Many outlets didn't have BC projected for anything last preseason, so this is actually a step in the right direction. Personally, the Sun Bowl would be a fine option if we don't make the Orange Bowl this season given the fact that our program is unattractive to Bowls. Military and Music City wouldn't be great options, either because of date of the bowl, or location of the bowl.