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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament Final Four: (2) Cityside vs (3) Mary Ann's

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From Razavan Caliman's Flickr
From Razavan Caliman's Flickr

In our second matchup of the Final Four we have the favorite Mary Ann's vs. behemoth Cityside. Mary Ann's is playing like a bar with a chip on their shoulder, many complaining that they should have had the #1 seed. Cityside, under new ownership, has taken heat for being an away team bar, but many fans love it there. You can read more about their paths to the Final Four here and the complete bracket can be seen here.

And please if you haven't voted already go and vote in the Harry's/Roggies matchup.

What folks said about #2 Cityside:

Cityside has two personalities. Downstairs is basically a crappy sports bar – lots of TVs, a huge bar, decent bar food, but there isn’t much room to sit, especially after BC games. But, at night, upstairs is like a displaced Mod party without the drinking games: there’s a good DJ- ACal6888, yanesp, and mek2702

CitySide is the place to go when you’re in Cleveland Circle and not drunk enough to walk into MAs. I’ll agree with previous comments that it’s a good spot for alums who may be a little to self conscious to go into MAs. The upstairs is great too on weekends and the food isn’t terrible either- BCMurt09

TV's are everywhere downstairs, usually with five or 6 games going on at one time. They also have a text message video board, which is always worth a laugh when you write "Hey hot blonde me". Now under new management, Cityside is even better. Spacier, and open air, it's one of my favorites in this tournament.- BCHysteria

What folks said about #3 Mary Ann's

Ok, what makes me love MAs? Maybe it's the $1.75 Busch Light drafts and the $2.50 G&T's. Maybe it's the jukebox, Hoops Mania and Big Buck Hunter. Maybe it's the free round of shots given to the loser of weekly trivia, or the fact that they settle ties with a chug-off. Maybe it's recognizing every face in the crowd when you walk in. -BKSweeney1
I don't think you can find a single bar with a higher percentage of Boston College Eagles day in and day out. Sure, there are lines -- major lines every weekend night Thursday-Sunday -- solely based on the amount of demand for a bar without a single flat screen TV. Still, you have to be amazed. With Buckhunter, Pop-A-Shot, nudie photo hunt, jukebox (dated reference) and a new text message board, there's something for all ages. Remember you are never too old to go to MaryAnn's- BCRaj
As a freshman, I went to my theology professors office hours to protest a B on a midterm exam. While the padre wouldn’t budge on the grade, he did appease me with a gift of a red "Mary Ann’s STAFF" t-shirt. It was my prize for the next 4 years and landed me more than a few phenomenal pick-up opportunities. Long live MA’s! And drunken buck hunter!- Chicagofire1871

.Voting is open until next Wednesday at 5:30.