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The Princeton Review Makes Fun Of BC's Opponents So You Don't Have To

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via <a href="">Patricia Drury flickr</a>
via Patricia Drury flickr

The Princeton Review has released the 2012 edition of its popular The Best Colleges rankings, surveying 122,000 students at 376 top colleges to rank everything from the best party schools to the top stone-cold sober schools. These rankings and more can be found in The Princeton Review's annual guidebook, "The Best 376 Colleges: 2012 Edition," which hits bookshelves tomorrow.

Boston College ranked in the top 20 in two of The Review's categories -- little race/class integration (5th) and LGBT-Unfriendly (8th). The first category has been a known issue at BC for some time and this fact was recently confirmed by Brooks Brothers. As for the second category, that seems to come a bit from being a small, private religiously affiliated university. At least we are more tolerant than those 'Domers out in Indiana.

(By the way, how does Boston University get ranked 5th in Great College Towns while BC goes unranked? When did BU become the only college in the city of Boston?)

With BC's two rankings out of the way, I figured we could have a little fun at our opponents and rival university Princeton Review 2012 rankings.

For instance, if you want to go to a university where the professors get low marks, then perhaps you should consider applying to Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick (6th) or the University of Connecticut (8th). Georgia Tech (9) and Rhode Island (13) also make this list. Perhaps studying just isn't your thing. In that case, I would strongly consider getting an education at the University of North Dakota (1), Florida State (9), Maryland (10) or Maine (20).

Want to be in a constant battle with members of your local community? Consider going to one of these schools where town-gown relations are strained: Duke (1), Northwestern (4), Notre Dame (8), Providence (9), Maryland (10), Syracuse (14) and New Hampshire (15). Though how BC didn't make this list, I have no idea.

Want to go to school in one of the worst college towns in the country? Then the University of Notre Dame (5) is your school! Also, don't forget to pack your birkenstocks and a couple pack of cloves when you travel to Orlando to watch the Eagles when they face the University of Central Florida Gator-Knights football program.

Don't mind attending a university with a fug campus? Try UMass-Amherst (15) or North Carolina State University (20). Wanna get high? Then maybe the University of Vermont (10) or Syracuse University (14) is more your speed. But don't forget to bring a towel.

The complete list of The Princeton Review top 20 rankings can be found here. Which rankings / categories stick out the most to you?